Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Unofficial

In less than 12 hours the greatest holiday to grace this campus will have officially begun.


Now for all of you non-University of Illinois goers or for those of you who think you're cute with creating your own Unofficial holiday, let me educate you on what this glorious day actually is. This event was created in 1996 by a Champaign bar owner to bring in business because the real St. Patrick's Day normally falls on spring break. This day, emphasis on single day, is normally scheduled for the first week in March each year. Twenty-three years later and Unofficial is still the pride and job of Urbana-Champaign campus, next to Chief Illiniwek but that will be addressed later on. 

Unofficial is an all day event that occurs on a Friday. Students are decked out in their green from head to toe. You'll see different types of shirt designs that have been the main topic of students for the past month or so. It's a pretty big deal, I bought two shirts this year. Friends from all different campuses and locations flood our streets to be apart of this great tradition. You might even run into the one person who you never talked to in high school that just needs a place to crash. 

Unfortunately, our very naive out-of-towners are the ones who get into the most trouble. And it's not their fault. Just be the good host that you are and give them a friendly reminder: No, you cannot walk around Green St. or campus for that matter with your open beer can. 

Have a good rule of thumb for tomorrow: It's a marathon not a sprint. But then you could go all Jimmy Tatro and say "I sprint my marathons" but lets be a little smart here. Because if you do "sprint your marathon" you'll be in bed before 11am and sleep your whole day away. 

Stay thirsty my friends, and be safe!


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