Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just Because: Movie Trivia with the Fam

I got really excited this morning when my uncle texted me asking if I wanted in on another movie trivia. If you know me, and my family for the matter, we are big movie buffs and can answer seriously any questions containing information about the movie. Whether that be the plot, characters, or even quotes, we can do it. 

However, here is my issue. Technology is so advanced these days that you can just go on IMDB and search anything you need for that movie. 

Today we did movie couples from movies he listed. He would say the couples names in the movie and we had to respond back with who the actors were that played them and pretty much whoever answered first won that round. 

Another issue I have is that since I'm playing with grown adults, a lot of the movies that are given are not from my generation or this decade. All I did was merely suggest that we have movies from this decade so its fair for everyone. This was his response:

"There was a complaint by one of the younger players that there weren't recent enough movies asked about. So I rectified."

Thanks, uncle. Thanks for throwing me under the bus for that one. I'd rather go back to playing with movie quotes instead. I'll rock your socks off with my knowledge.

Do you all play fun games with your family?




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