Monday, March 25, 2013


My spring break cooler engulfed in the snow
Let me just start off that snow days don't come as frequently in college as they did in high school or middle school. In college, they will wait till the very last minute to cancel classes. In this case, they didn't cancel school until 1:30 AM! They should've taken the hint to cancel school when they sent out the email to not bother driving back in the frozen tundra because I-57 was too dangerous. 

Snowffical, Snow-pacalypse, Snowmageddon. All of the popular names of claiming this glorious holiday that I have now had the pleasure of experiencing TWICE in my time at Illinois. And what do college kids do when we get the day off from school? We drink, in copious amounts. And it couldn't have come at a much sweeter time than to come back from out "spring break." I put quotes around that because I find it ironic that we have a snow day the day after we get back from being in warm weather locations. 

However, I spent my day with some much needed relaxation, sleep and watching Criminal Minds and Pretty Little Liars. I know, I live a sad life. But when I have exams that I really should have studied for and was working till 1 AM the night before, I would much rather sleep. I'm a grandma and I don't really care. I prefer the term responsible, but what do I know?


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