Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where I've Been...

"Everything you experience in life plays a role. Even the little things. Sometimes you won't realize it. Sometimes you gotta just stop and think about what just happened and how you feel about it. You'll learn a lot about life and a lot about yourself."

One of my friends is extremely philosophical, but I love talking to him because he gives me a reality check on life and what is important. 
You have to be thankful for the things you have encountered in your life and constantly be reminded of what you have. 
You need to look back on what you've accomplished, how it has made you grow as a person, and has changed you for the better. 
Whether that be going off to college, experiencing a break-up, a move, a tragic loss, or even success. Everything has an impact on who you've been and who you are going to become.
Sometimes, it just takes a little reminding of that.


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