Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why blog? Why now?

So why start a blog? Honestly I've been reading so many that I've found and from my friends that are studying abroad that it sounded like a good idea. And my friends get made at me that I tweet so much anyways I figured this would be a good outlet.

If you think about it we've all blogged before. Back in the day, which was a Wednesday (Dane Cook. If you don't know who that is we can't be friends), our social media was Xanga! Oh yes, you all remember it. Do people even use it anymore? I would spend hours and hours on that site trying to find the perfect layout, adding pictures, customizing it to make it my own, and finding songs. I always thought it was so cool that a song could play right when your page opened. That was Xanga, right? Or maybe Myspace... I'm not sure. All of the old social media sites blend together I get them mixed up. 

Anyways, this is me. Blogging my life away. Updating you all on my crazy college tales and random thoughts that 140 characters just can't suffice. It won't be about how my day went. But there will be a purpose or main point to blogging about what I do. It won't be a "what I did today" type of thing, the thought actually bores me.

Hope you all enjoy!

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