Monday, April 8, 2013

Shenanigans Ensued

As I am sitting in my sexual communication class this morning, I am reflecting on my ever so eventful weekend that occurred. Definitely was one for the books. But like all weekends, I could have done without a  few activities happening.

Friday afternoon/evening was definitely the most eventful. I went to the quad for some Panhellanic pride lovin' to watch Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. This is a great and very entertaining cause that happens on our campus (It may happen on others too, but I'm not really sure). This campaign, which you can learn more about here, help raises awareness and stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. It comes from the phrase "you don't know someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." These fraternity men had to wear women's high heels (more like a 2 inch heel at best) and had to walk a mile around the quad. It's quite the entertaining event to see men struggling to walk in these heels. Some even run! They're crazy if you ask me to be running,  but I digress. It was fun to see an entire Greek community to come together and be apart of this great cause.

Me and my grandbaby :)
Work it boys!
 Friday night roles around, aha, and it was a typical college night. We were celebrating two of my sorority sister's birthdays so we all went out to the bars that night. It was the first time for the little one! Needless to say, I don't quite recall the last hour at the bar. What I found out yesterday is that I was going around telling these guys how cool my last name is and that I'm a Rage-r. I mean, typical behavior of me but I just find it hilarious. What is the real kicker here is that I fell, pretty hard. I don't know where I did or how for that matter. I just have a huge bruise on my thigh and a skid mark on my hand to prove that it actually happen. Way to go, me.

Yes, this felt as weird as it looks
Saturday we had our sisterhood retreat! I love these things. It's a great way to bond with my sisters and participate in the fun activities that are planned for us. We did minute to win it games because it was simply GORGEOUS outside. So it was fun! I may or may not have been hungover for the majority of the day but I enjoyed it a lot. We also got to know each other on a deeper level and find out more about our personal background. My favorite part was probably when we each had a piece of paper and had to write down three adjectives that we would describe ourselves with and then the rest of group wrote a characteristic or two about us. It's what I like to call a "warm fuzzy." It's nice to see that you are appreciated and see how other people view you. I was told that I was very approachable and personable and I pride myself on that now. I never though of myself as being approachable but I have been told that a lot lately. I just like to talk to people :)

Saturday night after we had our Pledge Pin Return ceremony for our new members that we were initiating the next day, after FINALLY indulging in some grease filled burgers, Kate and I were planning to have a nice quiet night in. And we were pretty set on this too, until we heard the fraternity next to our apartment having fun and blasting country music. Wah, take me with you. Funny story, two of my sorority sisters were attending said event and tried to find some dates for us. 

This event was a barndance, by the way. It is probably definitely one of the most fun events you attend while in college. Basically it's partying in a barn, can't go wrong with that. Actually quite a few things can go wrong, but that is neither here nor there. We get a call from Bri saying "you have five minutes to get dressed and catch this bus." Ummm... what? So we both throw on the first thing we think of. Ironically, we both put on our Wagon Wheel tanks. Total Roommate Move? We get to the fraternity and this is the conversation that goes down

Kate: So... who are our dates?
Bri: Ours!

WHAT? So we're crashing a barndance... this is great. We just had to blend in with our surroundings and act like we were supposed to be there. Everyone is already pretty intoxicated and we are stone cold sober so we might have stuck out like a sore thumb but not enough for anyone to even pay attention to. The night was a total success, though! We got to go to our favorite barn, listen to country music (okay, we basically requested every song that played but whatevs), go on a hay ride... which was terrible, and we may or may not have become the center of attention by line-dancing. It happens. Well, it's a typical us move so it was no big deal. 


Loretta, the chex mix lady!
Sunday was absolutely beautiful! I probably could have done without this day. I had to work on a group project when I wanted to be outside and play. Thankfully, the actual group work only took an hour. But then everyone was being productive and busy and I'm just sitting here like an awkward penguin and needed to kill time before our initiation ceremony. Not cool! 

I ended up sitting inside and watching baseball up until we had to be at the sorority house so it was fine. After we initiated our new 15.5s, yay babies!!, I finally got to get my new car. Let me tell you, after not having a car for a week all I pretty much want to do is drive around with my windows down. It was a rough life. Later on that night, Kate and I watched the ACMs and pined over Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and Carrie Underwood. Actually, maybe that was just me but whatever.

Luke Bryan is still the most beautiful man ever even after seeing him cry after winning Entertainer of the Year. He so deserves it!


Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!


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