Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some Shameless Promoting...

Excuse my shameless promoting for like 2.5 seconds. Or however long it takes you to read this. In which case, if you do read in 2.5 seconds that you must be Dr. Spencer Reid :)

My last name isn't all that common. Well, at least I like to think it isn't. But season 2 of the Voice, there was a country kid on Team Blake named Jordan Rager. That's right. My cousin made it out of 50,000 (I'm just guessing) contestants to make it onto the live auditions and got chosen to be on Blake's team. How cool, right?!

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This was over a year ago and he has not stopped trying to achieve his dream of becoming successful in the music industry. And that is hard work! He has put out multiple albums for his fans and is starting to climb up the ladder of country music. His current album Burning Gasoline even has a few top tracks on iTunes. 

Jordan has now gotten the opportunity to be apart of a music tour starting in the fall. He will be traveling along the South to different college campuses on the Southern Throwdown College Concert Series. I cannot be more proud of him. This is a pretty big deal to be able to be on a tour with other artists. He is putting himself out there and making a name for himself. 

If you listen to his YouTube channel here the kid is pretty damn talented. He's an even better song writer too. Jordan is always putting out videos of covers of different artists on his channel. Take a listen! 

Some cousin lovin'

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