Monday, April 22, 2013

Wait, I'm legal now?

So this weekend was a very huge event for me. Not only was it my sororities formal that I rightfully earned to go to!! Holla at my good grades :) But...


And let me tell you, I feel old. Like actually. 

When I get asked how my birthday was I say to everyone the same response
"I was hungover until 5pm and I told a bartender that he couldn't see my ID when he asked for it"

I still giggle at myself about that one. Because honestly, who says that? I say the darndest things sometimes. But I will just share pictures from my epic weekend of drunken debauchery instead of saying it. Not because I don't remember, because I do. But pictures are better.

Rockin' the high-low with the roomie/date :)

Wall sits are normal right?

Love my children :) (missing one of them)

Room 20! Minus Allison, wah.

See how excited I am to get my wristband?!

Finally legal!

Mai Thai for my first legal purchase at lunch.

The boys in the kitchen at work are the best


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  1. You're so pretty in all your pictures <3 <3 <3 Thanks for the shout-out. WAH. Love you & happy birthday! :)