Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Easter Weekend in Champaign

So, I was stuck in Champaign allllll weekend due to being put on the schedule for work. First off, why a restaurant is open on Easter is beyond me so I didn't think to have to request it off. Second, I'm kinda still new so I don't really have the seniority to be doing that quite yet. 

Saturday I had to work in the morning so it wasn't all that big of a deal. But, surprise I got off early! Woo! I was planning on going shopping to the outlet mall just because I'm along and don't know what to do with myself. Sure enough as I was getting on the highway AND after a full tank of gas my car breaks down on the ramp :(. I heard a pop when I stepped on the gas pedal and it wasn't moving so I didn't know what to do and called my mother hysterical like any other normal person does. After she suggested that I check things out (all on my own for that matter) we come to the conclusion that it has to be towed. Now let me remind you, it is Easter Weekend and a Saturday so not many auto body shops are going to be open to begin with so I was pretty much out of luck for the weekend. 

The tow truck comes and asks me where I want to go, "Ummm any auto repair place that is extremely close would be fantastic." The man takes me to a Tire Plus that pretty much is only useful for tires and oil changes. So now I'm not happy because I had to pay for a tow, $50 so it wasn't that bad, to a place that probably can't even fix my car. They play around with the thing and check it out, blah blah blah. Once they make suggestions of what could possibly be the problem and try to take it out of the bay, the damn thing can't go in reverse. It can move forward though, just ain't moving backwards. 

"So you can take the car if you want, but it just can't go in reverse" Ok, this is sketchy and probably not safe. 

They recommend that I take it to a transmission place that of course isn't open on the weekend. I can't even move 100 feet without not being able to move forward anymore. As in, my foot is on the gas pedal and can hear the engine roaring but the car isn't moving one bit. Call the same tow guy, very nice and doesn't charge me to tow it to the transmission place so that was nice of him.

So now, it's Monday and my car is not fixable. Not unless I want to pay $3,000 to pay for a new transmission, I would much rather buy a new car that won't break down again. R.I.P. Srat Wagon :( (Yes, I named my minivan) 

Only plus side of this weekend, I made $157! Hellloooooo, big money! AND my roommate and I had an Easter dinner at a 24 hour diner and surprised me with an Easter basket!

Ain't she the cutest?!

Side note: I realize that this post is probably extremely lengthy and could have been summed up in less than 200 words. My apologies.


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