Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Surprise! I'm Engaged!

That's right. You heard it here. Well really, you've heard it from my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter like 2 weeks ago when it actually happened. But now it comes down to make the blog debut of how my now fiancee proposed! Even though it's been 2 weeks as of yesterday, it's still weird to hear myself utter the word "fiancee" or look down at my left hand to see a pretty pretty ring there :) But I assure you, I am getting used to it.

The date was November 5th, and what I had thought was going to be a normal dinner date with my friend Ashi and good ol' Chipotle turned out to change my life forever. I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary. Blake was visiting me for the week and and I had left him unattended in my apartment while I went to go eat. Half hour or so passes by of me enjoying my chicken burrito bowl and Ashi's not very good chips and guac (way to drop the ball on that one, Chipotle), and in walks in my roommate from last year Kate! Now mind you Kate graduated last year so I'm thinking A) you like 2 hours away now and B) how did you know I was here? "It's Chipotle, Lauren. It's not that hard to figure out." Okay, fair enough. I'll accept it but I'm still a little confused. She then hands me an envelope with my name on it with the following message:

Lauren Ashley Rager,
You are about to go on a scavenger hunt that may change your life. You will find each clue in envelopes, follow what they say and lets see what happens.

Clue No. 1
Ashi, Kate, and you should go enjoy a treat and get warmed up at Dunkin Donuts for this evening.

So, off to Dunkin we went! Now after this I knew something was up. And I tried really hard to have a normal conversation as we walk down Green Street to the Dunkin Donuts. Low and behold, there is my now roommate Allison sitting in the window... But first, coffee. "I'll have a shmedium mocha coffee" seriously, why am I allowed in public? I walk over to Allison making it as awkward as possible because now this is just a coincidence. I literally said "I know you have something for me" "Take a sip of your coffee first." Way to go, champ. The next message read:

Clue No. 2
Hope you are warmed up and ready for the next step... I'll be straight up babe, this is a sh!tty @ss clue, but go to the White Ho. (By white ho, I don't mean a Miley Cyrus concert, so don't get your hopes up)

Oh good ol' White Ho. Or what is now referred to as "The White Horse" no thanks to my special fiancee. We walk in and see my best friend from freshman year, Corie sitting at the bar with shots! Yes, I'm liking where this is heading. With a few early drinkers sitting at the bar, obviously knowing what is going on and yelling for Corie to read the letter out loud, the note read:

Clue No. 3
I know that many of our problems have come from each of our pasts and from places like this, but I am finally ready to move past that and that's why you're where you are right now, so you can see that everything is okay and everything will always be okay as long as I'm with you. Now, there is a stair case on campus I'd like you to go to.

Now as were walking towards Foellinger Auditorium on the quad it starts to rain and I'm seriously rethinking the jacket I brought with me. At this point I have Ashi, Kate and Allison in tow with me on my adventure. And as I'm trying to contain myself and act as normal as possible we turn the corner to walk up the steps of Foellinger where I blurt out "Oh my God, it's Suz!" when clearly everyone else can only see a shadowy figure. My next clue read as follows:

Clue No. 4
Stairs are a lot like relationships, sometimes trying to get to the top, we fall and it hurts, sometimes it hurts for a while, but then again, sometimes we make it to the top, one step at a time. I want nothing less than to make it to the top with you, one step at a time. I promise I will never hurt you. I will always catch you when you fall. Next, make your way to The Morrow Plots.

No you can't throw shade on the corn! The oldest experimental field in the United States, the Morrow Plots was our next location. Luckily it's not too far of a trek and the rain was light. As we walk down the path by the Morrow Plots I already knew who it was, Haley and Michelle! Guys, I have really good eye sight. Sorry bout it. Haley then proceeded to start the message "I'm gonna live where the green grass grows..." before Kate and I put it to a halt it told her to sing it to us :) Which then turned into us singing instead:

Clue No. 5
"I'm gonna live where the green grass grows, watch my corn pop up in rows, every night be tucked in close to you..." All I want in life is to come home to you, maybe get you out of the city lights and take you somewhere that you're surrounded by corn and shining stars. If not, I'll go anywhere with you. Now make your way to the Eternal Flame where I'll be waiting...

The Eternal Flame. The most romantic spot on campus. There's a tale that says if you kiss someone in front of the Eternal Flame, they are your one true love and your love is eternal (ergo the name). I brought Blake to it in the summer when he first visited me so I was really surprised that he remembered about it! Sitting by the eternal flame was my friend Jeni with the final clue:

Clue No. 6
Gotcha, I'm not here, sorry (:
Lauren, I love you, with everything in me. Every mile has been worth every time I've been blessed enough to talk to you. Any man would be the luckiest in the world to get to share a life with you. I want to make coffee with you every morning, I want to go out with you, I want to climb to the top with you, I want to come home to you, I will love you forever, always, and for eternity.
You have a family that loves you, not get over to the Sigma Kappa house.

Now we have Ashi, Kate, Allison, Haley, Michelle and Jeni all following behind me as we approach the place that I have called home for my college career. Sigma Kappa. Now I was expecting for another clue to appear, but once I walked through that door there was my sweet fiancee standing. I honestly can't remember what he said because I was in so much shock of what was about to happen. I'm pretty sure that he said "I love you" and "will you marry me?" in some sort of variation. And because I was so speechless the poor guy thought I said no, as if! I obviously said yes and I could not be more blessed to have such an amazing fiancee and who sought out the help from all of my friends. 

Isn't it beautiful??

Now comes all of the following question: When is the wedding? Honestly, I don't know. Seeing as how Blake left for Air Force basic training yesterday it's kind of the furthest thing from my mind right now. I have colors, that's all I got. And since were kind of on the military's clock nothing can really be set in stone. I'm just going to enjoy being engaged right now, not be stressed out seeing as how I have a month left of school full of finals and papers to end the semester. After that, talk to me. I might give you a better answer.

Who would've thought that a country music fest in Arkansas would give me a fiancee? Best souvenir ever! :)