Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#HashtagHumpDay | Vol.6

It's #HashtagHumpDay! Thanks for joining Laura and I for our 6th week of our baby link-up! If you're missing out this week, no sweat, just join us next week and every Wednesday after that!
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren
Let's call these rules the 'skinny' because rules just sounds way to formal and this is anything but:
  • Talk about whatever you like! Just as long as you ad a #hashtag at the end of it because it's #fun
  • Link your post up here or with my gal pal Laura so we can read all about your life and thoughts #takenoprisoners
  •  Comment on at least one other post and make friends because that's the point of linkup right? #letsbefriends
  • Share it on social media and add #hashtaghumpday #allofthesocialmedia
  • Have fun! #hashtageverything
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I was so excited to be able to see my family for the first time since I've moved down to Florida. And now my family wants be to come visit like every other month and I'm just like #sorrybutno #loveyouguys

For the last two days (and probably today too) we've been going to look at trucks allll over the okaloosa area. At least we didn't have to drive 2 and a half hours away like we did last time. There really is nothing more stressful than purchasing your first vehicle #idontwanttogrowup #wheresmymom

I have to give props to the car salesman that we went to yesterday because I probably would've bought the worst vehicle in the lot. Like he was one of those annoying/haggling guys who you'll buy whatever they're selling just to get them to stop talking #illtakeoneofeverything

And now with the possibility of a car payment and insurance coming into our finances makes this whole budgeting/being an adult thing makes me really want to crawl into a hole and hope that it fixes the problem on it's own #cuethetinyviolin

So when I was home last week, Blake told me we got a note (everyone in the building did too) from our landlord about our ongoing lack of internet problem. Basically the router crashed because someone was playing games; and I told them two weeks ago to get a new one! Not the point. But they tried to blame it on us and said that "It's a community wifi and only meant for light browsing"... I CAN'T EVEN DO THE LIGHT BROWSING!!! #excusemytemper

So now we're probably getting our own WiFi to watch all of the Netflix and blog all of my hearts desires. And that way I can deal with Cox personally. #givemewifiorgivemedeath

Hope you'll all join us! If not, have a great new year!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Recap | Sept.Oct.Nov.Dec

Hello! Welcome to Part Three of my 2014 recap! You can view Part 1 and Part 2 if you're feeling really adventurous and interested in some light reading.

  - We went camping with some friends and broke out Blake's tent.
  - I did a lot of crafting. I started personalizing our apartment and made my mom a running bib and medal holder
  - Celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary!
  - Went to the beach some more. I mean would you really expect anything else living in Florida??
  - We took a trip up to Alabama for the Alabama vs. Florida game and went to Sam Hunt/Chase Rice concert the night before
  - Had my first girls night since I moved here! I don't know who was more excited: Me for finally making friends or Blake for getting out of the apartment.
  - I made my first homemade meal! BBQ Chicken Pizza.

  - I made my first burlap wreath! It was more-so for Blake so it was Alabama themed
  - I also made some decor for our kitchen. Really I painted three wooden letters and stuck them on the wall but hey, it turned out super cute
  - Blake had his hometown friend who just graduated from Ft. Benning come up for the weekend. We thought only two of them we're coming. Oh, no. There were FIVE of them!! Oy.
  - Made a super yummy queso dip that is so easy I could probably make it with my eyes closed.
  - Went to a thing called Mullet Fest where Blackjack Billy and Dustin Lynch were performing and poor Dustin got a beer can thrown at his face. And because of that he'll probably never come back to Fort Walton.
  - Went to Freeman, MO (Blake's hometown) alot, alot, alot. Well for a whole week really. It was pretty exciting because I finally got to witness actual fall weather and trees changing colors. Definitely took advantage of it on the ol' gram.
  - Another successful meal for me: Creamy Tomato Tortellini

  -Tried my ways with Chili and Cornbread and it lasted us for an entire week. It was delicious so I really can't complain
  - Started doing book reviews: Gone Girl, If I Stay, We Were Liars, and Uglies
  - Learned how to stay motivated from my fellow spouses and shared it with all of you :)
  - Premiered mine and Laura's link-up #HashtagHumpDay! Btw, you should join us tomorrow.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

  - Blake and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving together with all of our friends down here
Weekend Wrapup | Recovery Mode - Thanksgiving Day

  - I made another wreath: Holiday and Glitter themed :)
  - Another book review: Wedding Night
  - I found some more additions for our apartment and created a little mini sign with our wedding date
  - I donated blood and went to my first Bazaar/craft fair. Of course I supported the fellow crafters and bought a few holiday items
  - Made a second attempt at making meatballs: Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs
  - Went home for the holidays to see my fam!

2014 was definitely a great year for me! I can't wait to see what 2015 will hold for my new family. I'll be sharing my goals next week :)

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Hometown Fun

So, all of last week I went home for the holidays. And this is kinda going to be a photo dump just because I did SO MUCH! I mean, come on. Of course there are going to be a lot of pictures from a week of hometown fun. Most of it involves crafting and/or eating, naturally. So you all have been warned!

What was pretty cool about my flight to Chicago was that I got free alcohol because I changed seats for a family to sit together. Hollaaaa!
My mom picked me up from the airport and we went straight to my family Christmas party on my Dad's side. My Mom, sisters, and I didn't know we we're all coordinating until we we're taking pictures. Gotta love when that happens!
And of course it's always a big deal whenever newborns or young tots are at the party. Rager Party rule of thumb: You will never see your newborn unless they're crying or you're leaving to go home.
My cousin being sweet to the new baby :)
Sunday, my mom, sisters and I all went out to dinner at Maggiano's. We we're planing on going to a Christmas Lights show but didn't know we had to purchase tickets beforehand and it ended up being sold out! We we're pretty disappointed, moreso me, because who doesn't love a good lights show??
So then we ended up driving around the neighborhoods and being creepy looking at lights. It's fine. This one was playing music!
I did a lot of crafting. Like I didn't stop crafting until Christmas Eve. These will all have their own instructional posts probably later on. The wine glasses are actually from our family party and my aunt made them. We just went over them with oil-based sharpies so they wouldn't wipe off.
Running Bib and Medal holder for my aunt! A little different than the one I made my Mom but still just as cute!
And a necklace holder for my sister!
I got to meet up with a lot of my friends in the beginning of the week. One of my friends and I went to Red Robin where they have alcohol milkshakes! I got a Guinness milkshake and it tasted just like chocolate :)
The look on Hayden's face is absolutely priceless
Christmas Eve we went out to church and dinner with my Dad.
Christmas is a long one for us. We go to both of my parent's house, my mom's family comes over, and then we go to my mom's aunt's house (following along here?). It's a lot. This year we went bowling that night and it was so much fun!
Got myself a Keurig! Now I'm a member of the cool coffee drinkers club. It's a thing.
"Guise. Can we pleeaaasseee open prezies already???" - Hayden

This was a year of crafts and my sisters made this super sweet shadow box for my childhood dog that passed away a year ago. I definitely cried.
Battle of the in-laws! (For last place)
Friday we went out line dancing to warm up our skills for our Nashville trip in April! And I ran into one of my sorority friends from college.
Saturday I got to have breakfast with one of my best friends before I flew home. I absolutely loved catching up and seeing everyone. Blake picked me up with roses and we exchanged our presents. He did pretty good for not asking for any ideas!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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