Thursday, July 31, 2014

Directing Traffic - Through My Mind

Does anyone else's mind go a million miles a nanosecond (no not an exaggeration)? No? Just me? Okay. Every minute of every day I feel that I am having multiple thoughts about multiple different topics and in a very short time frame. I know that probably didn't make any sense. But for my the sake of my craziness, lets just pretend that it does.

I have read twelve, count em 1 - 2, books in the two months that I have been out of college and living in Florida. The most recent book I finished (as in an hour ago) was Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. I KNOW I'm kinda late on the bandwagon about this one but since I have so much free time now I've been reading all of the books that are on my ever growing list (both written in multiple places and on my Pinterest board)

Anywhoser, she is hilarious! (As you can see here ^^^) Every time I started reading BITNB I could NOT stop laughing. I actually started to concern B a little bit because he was wondering what was so funny and couldn't believe that I was laughing over a book. Rude. Now I'm on a Jen Lancaster kick and will be continuing on with her series because that's what I do.

And I've decided to shake things up a bit and only have my library lending period be 7 days instead of 14. I KNOW. I'm living dangerously, you don't have to tell me twice. I figured I was being generous to the literary society by not keeping books that have a 100+ waiting list for the additional week that it's sitting in my eBook library. I know I could just return them, but why would I do that when they just remove themselves from my Kindle all on their own when my two weeks are up? Hair-grow why I will just keep them for a week instead.

Also along with my ever increase of reading, I have added an increase of TV and Netflix. And because of this I'm pretty sure I could recite all of the names and order of the children from 19 Kids and Counting. Who doesn't love that family though? There are all so beautiful and so genuinely nice. I just wish I could be their friend. More specifically Jill or Jessa's :)

And now since our Netflix has decided to log out of our smart TV and B won't give me the password for OUR account, I'm forced to clean up the beach that him and his buddies decided to bring back to our apartment and all over everything in sight from the beach. Oy vey.

Isn't this place dreamy? I still can't get over that this is my home for the next two years. Maybe longer?

Fingers crossed :D

x Lauren

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Keeping the Faith

I know that whenever I'm feeling down or defeated Pinterest is my go to. Especially now being two months post-grad, being unemployed is extremely discouraging. But, I know that I can't give up on my search. Every day there is a new posting! So, all I have to do is to stay positive, keep the faith, and check job listings as often as my husband checks Craigslist.  

What keeps you inspired?

x Lauren

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recruitment is FUN!

Anyone who's anyone has read this article from Buzzfeed. And by anyone I mean sorority women. Oh, the joys of recruitment. Now that I'm graduated and an alumni, I don't know what to do with myself in August/September where my life revolved around chanting and spending a month with over 100 women for hours on end.

I think there are way more than 65 things running through your mind when those magical doors open for the new potential new members (PNMs) to walk through. These girls are on your turf. And they are honestly the cutest human beings on the planet when they have looks full of excitement and fear all at the same time.

That moment is when all of the hours of crafting, workshops, tears, and lots and lots of sweat become worth it. Spending hours upon hours of preparing to have 5 minute conversations with close to 100 girls all by myself. Half way through I think I went to not really speaking and just listening and nodding to the girl sitting in front of me. Pretty sure it was the lack of caffeine and all of the dancing.

"Oh my god, I saw you up front dancing! You all did so good! You must be exhausted." "Yeah, just a little"

And that ain't no joke.

All. day.

Bonus from four years of recruitment: interview process locked down. Holler.

Now for some of my favorites that are just too accurate for words to say:

4. Wow the PNM's just keep coming

8. I wonder if anyone else is out of breath already

 21. Can she see I'm sweating?

30. Where is this girl to bump me?

35. I bet it is exhausting having people showering you with compliments

36. While one of us was up till 3 am decorating the house

37. Then got up at 6 am to shower so she could spend the day lesbian speed dating

38. This is awkward

44. Probably should've looked at her nametag

54. If I was taking a little this year, she'd be my little

64. Wow this is exhausting

65. Only 248 more rounds to go

What would you add to this fun-filled, hilarious list?

x Lauren

Monday, July 21, 2014

Not So Motivated Monday

Ain't this the truth, not every Monday, but every day!

In Florida, or even in the summer, weekends are less than exciting when it is overcast and raining ALL DAY! The fact that the only day I've seen the sun in a week and a half was Thursday is not very uplifting. I want my sunshine and I want it now!

So far my Monday consists of working out, semi-cleaning up my apartment, and giving my nails a much needed paint job. But the past few days are where my entertainment has come from.

Not only did my husband cook for me, but he cooked twice! It started off when we went grocery shopping and got a little more than normal seeing as how he's getting his wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. For the first time he finally was giving his input on what I would be cooking for the week. When normally whenever I ask him for his opinion on a certain dish, all he'll say is "I don't care. As long as you put food in my belly I don't really care." Even though he is the pickiest eater I've ever met. After he starts putting food he wants in the cart, he magically decides that he's cooking dinner that night!

Now I get to do all of the things I want that I get to do all day anyways! Have Shock Top in hand, my new read on my Kindle, and watch [insert whatever is on TV here]. I was feeling really good! So I sat my happy self at the kitchen bar and watched the act take place.

And for the tornado mess he created in the kitchen, who knew the boy could actually cook. Sweet Baby Ray's bacon burger of deliciousness. I might just force request him to cook more often.

After cleaning up the after effect, we met a bunch of Blake's friends at the pool hall that is down the street from our apartment. This is the second place I've been that only serves beer and wine. Like, whyyyy?? I'm all for a good bud light. But sometimes, and I mean all the time, a girl wants some Fireball in her life.

Another day full of rain. So I'll spare the boring details of where I sat around for most of the day until Blake came home from work and then we took a nap. I know, extremely exciting. Up until his friends came over and we had some more fun with our good friend alcohol. Even better... it stopped raining by nap time AND it wasn't god-awful humid! Whoop whoop! Partaaayyyy

Ritual Sunday Funday filled with Bloody Mary's and lounging by the pool. Enough said. Good thing is that it only rained in the wee hours of the morning so it was dry by early afternoon!

Even though the last two days were not as exciting, I'm okay with that. Tomorrow however holds an exciting day of hanging out with my family from Georgia that are vacationing in Panama City! Lets just hope the sun will make an ever so needed appearance.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

The Rachael Way

x Lauren

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shock and Awe: Career Fairs

I don't know if it's shocking or mildly concerning that today I went to my first career fair of my entire life. I've never been to one, even when they were offered almost weekly throughout my four years of college, never been. So, going into one today I had no idea what to expect or really what to do with my hands.

I got word about a job fair for military spouses and veterans that was happening about 45 minutes from where I live in Florida. And since Blake had a surprise three days off, like the good little husband he is, he drove up with me since we had things to do afterwards.

I gotta say, I really didn't know how it was going to work or anything like that. I expected everyone to be dressed in their best business casual look and some of the businesses would walk up to you and try to persuade you to work for them. Well, needless to say, I felt a little overdressed walking into their. Which in the end might be a good thing.

I put on my favorite, and only, pencil skirt with my orange blazer and walked in their with the biggest smiled that said "Please hire me :)". I really wish I had that sweet, sweet Dunkin in my hands at that moment. Probably one of my favorite moments was when a woman with one of the employers complimented on my hair. Yess boyy.

It was a different experience though. I was getting face to face experience with people and potential employers, talking to them about what their companies were about and the jobs they had, and I got some freebees along with it. It was definitely different than applying online for a job and not fully understanding what the heck I was applying for.

I think at this point I'm just wanting to find something that will get me out of the house. Yes I've been out of college for only two months, but I need to find me some income and not watch anymore Netflix.

x Lauren

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Monday, July 14, 2014

New Name. New Life. New Adventures.

I embrace change. I welcome it with wide open arms. And I have to, especially with the new life and new adventure I have been lucky enough to call my own.

Getting married to the love of my life was only the beginning of that change. Not only did I take on the title of Mrs. Mullikin, but I also took on the title of being a military spouse. And before anyone gives me the title of being a "Dependapotamus," hold your horses! Yes, I am a dependent, but I'm also independent. I have chosen to follow my husband wherever the military chooses to send us and on short notice. I do this because I love my husband and he would do the same for me if the roles were reversed. Butt for now, I am embracing every second I get to spend with him.

Graduating from college became another huge change. It's a scary time. You have no idea where you're going to be working once you are out into the real world (unless you are the fortunate few to have a job lined up - kudos to you!). Trying to find a job that somehow relates to my major always makes me question if I chose the right major or not. It's incredibly frustrating! Majority of the requirements are needing experience and then you always come to the thought of how are you supposed to have experience without a job?? I've only been out of college for 2 months now and I'm still trying to figure it all out. But, I guess it'll take a little longer than I thought.

I moved to our new home in Florida at Eglin AFB just two short weeks after I graduated. Seeing as how Blake was already down here AND had our apartment already, it was really a less than stressful move than anticipated. Probably the only stressful part about it was trying to stuff my entire life into my cute little Ford Focus. I was fortunate enough to have my mother help move me down here and help set up everything in our new apartment. After only two days and a very expensive shopping trip at Walmart, the move was complete.

I have enjoyed every day so far here with my husband and our new life together. Full of beach trips, pool days, and lazy days. Which brings me to why start blogging...again? I want to record our adventures together, the moments that Blake and I have in this new life. I want to actually maintain this as well. And that required a new name. Since I'm no longer in college, the name didn't really fit for what I was wanting. I don't have a specific writing style or category that I'm going to fulfill. I'm going to write whatever I want to - and if you haven't quite followed along my thoughts are pretty sporadic. And that's okay for me!

Welcome to Genuinely Lauren! Where I am living life and loving all that it has to offer to the fullest extent. I hope you have enjoyed the ride.

x Lauren