Thursday, July 31, 2014

Directing Traffic - Through My Mind

Does anyone else's mind go a million miles a nanosecond (no not an exaggeration)? No? Just me? Okay. Every minute of every day I feel that I am having multiple thoughts about multiple different topics and in a very short time frame. I know that probably didn't make any sense. But for my the sake of my craziness, lets just pretend that it does.

I have read twelve, count em 1 - 2, books in the two months that I have been out of college and living in Florida. The most recent book I finished (as in an hour ago) was Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. I KNOW I'm kinda late on the bandwagon about this one but since I have so much free time now I've been reading all of the books that are on my ever growing list (both written in multiple places and on my Pinterest board)

Anywhoser, she is hilarious! (As you can see here ^^^) Every time I started reading BITNB I could NOT stop laughing. I actually started to concern B a little bit because he was wondering what was so funny and couldn't believe that I was laughing over a book. Rude. Now I'm on a Jen Lancaster kick and will be continuing on with her series because that's what I do.

And I've decided to shake things up a bit and only have my library lending period be 7 days instead of 14. I KNOW. I'm living dangerously, you don't have to tell me twice. I figured I was being generous to the literary society by not keeping books that have a 100+ waiting list for the additional week that it's sitting in my eBook library. I know I could just return them, but why would I do that when they just remove themselves from my Kindle all on their own when my two weeks are up? Hair-grow why I will just keep them for a week instead.

Also along with my ever increase of reading, I have added an increase of TV and Netflix. And because of this I'm pretty sure I could recite all of the names and order of the children from 19 Kids and Counting. Who doesn't love that family though? There are all so beautiful and so genuinely nice. I just wish I could be their friend. More specifically Jill or Jessa's :)

And now since our Netflix has decided to log out of our smart TV and B won't give me the password for OUR account, I'm forced to clean up the beach that him and his buddies decided to bring back to our apartment and all over everything in sight from the beach. Oy vey.

Isn't this place dreamy? I still can't get over that this is my home for the next two years. Maybe longer?

Fingers crossed :D

x Lauren

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