Monday, July 21, 2014

Not So Motivated Monday

Ain't this the truth, not every Monday, but every day!

In Florida, or even in the summer, weekends are less than exciting when it is overcast and raining ALL DAY! The fact that the only day I've seen the sun in a week and a half was Thursday is not very uplifting. I want my sunshine and I want it now!

So far my Monday consists of working out, semi-cleaning up my apartment, and giving my nails a much needed paint job. But the past few days are where my entertainment has come from.

Not only did my husband cook for me, but he cooked twice! It started off when we went grocery shopping and got a little more than normal seeing as how he's getting his wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. For the first time he finally was giving his input on what I would be cooking for the week. When normally whenever I ask him for his opinion on a certain dish, all he'll say is "I don't care. As long as you put food in my belly I don't really care." Even though he is the pickiest eater I've ever met. After he starts putting food he wants in the cart, he magically decides that he's cooking dinner that night!

Now I get to do all of the things I want that I get to do all day anyways! Have Shock Top in hand, my new read on my Kindle, and watch [insert whatever is on TV here]. I was feeling really good! So I sat my happy self at the kitchen bar and watched the act take place.

And for the tornado mess he created in the kitchen, who knew the boy could actually cook. Sweet Baby Ray's bacon burger of deliciousness. I might just force request him to cook more often.

After cleaning up the after effect, we met a bunch of Blake's friends at the pool hall that is down the street from our apartment. This is the second place I've been that only serves beer and wine. Like, whyyyy?? I'm all for a good bud light. But sometimes, and I mean all the time, a girl wants some Fireball in her life.

Another day full of rain. So I'll spare the boring details of where I sat around for most of the day until Blake came home from work and then we took a nap. I know, extremely exciting. Up until his friends came over and we had some more fun with our good friend alcohol. Even better... it stopped raining by nap time AND it wasn't god-awful humid! Whoop whoop! Partaaayyyy

Ritual Sunday Funday filled with Bloody Mary's and lounging by the pool. Enough said. Good thing is that it only rained in the wee hours of the morning so it was dry by early afternoon!

Even though the last two days were not as exciting, I'm okay with that. Tomorrow however holds an exciting day of hanging out with my family from Georgia that are vacationing in Panama City! Lets just hope the sun will make an ever so needed appearance.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

The Rachael Way

x Lauren

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