Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recruitment is FUN!

Anyone who's anyone has read this article from Buzzfeed. And by anyone I mean sorority women. Oh, the joys of recruitment. Now that I'm graduated and an alumni, I don't know what to do with myself in August/September where my life revolved around chanting and spending a month with over 100 women for hours on end.

I think there are way more than 65 things running through your mind when those magical doors open for the new potential new members (PNMs) to walk through. These girls are on your turf. And they are honestly the cutest human beings on the planet when they have looks full of excitement and fear all at the same time.

That moment is when all of the hours of crafting, workshops, tears, and lots and lots of sweat become worth it. Spending hours upon hours of preparing to have 5 minute conversations with close to 100 girls all by myself. Half way through I think I went to not really speaking and just listening and nodding to the girl sitting in front of me. Pretty sure it was the lack of caffeine and all of the dancing.

"Oh my god, I saw you up front dancing! You all did so good! You must be exhausted." "Yeah, just a little"

And that ain't no joke.

All. day.

Bonus from four years of recruitment: interview process locked down. Holler.

Now for some of my favorites that are just too accurate for words to say:

4. Wow the PNM's just keep coming

8. I wonder if anyone else is out of breath already

 21. Can she see I'm sweating?

30. Where is this girl to bump me?

35. I bet it is exhausting having people showering you with compliments

36. While one of us was up till 3 am decorating the house

37. Then got up at 6 am to shower so she could spend the day lesbian speed dating

38. This is awkward

44. Probably should've looked at her nametag

54. If I was taking a little this year, she'd be my little

64. Wow this is exhausting

65. Only 248 more rounds to go

What would you add to this fun-filled, hilarious list?

x Lauren

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