Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shock and Awe: Career Fairs

I don't know if it's shocking or mildly concerning that today I went to my first career fair of my entire life. I've never been to one, even when they were offered almost weekly throughout my four years of college, never been. So, going into one today I had no idea what to expect or really what to do with my hands.

I got word about a job fair for military spouses and veterans that was happening about 45 minutes from where I live in Florida. And since Blake had a surprise three days off, like the good little husband he is, he drove up with me since we had things to do afterwards.

I gotta say, I really didn't know how it was going to work or anything like that. I expected everyone to be dressed in their best business casual look and some of the businesses would walk up to you and try to persuade you to work for them. Well, needless to say, I felt a little overdressed walking into their. Which in the end might be a good thing.

I put on my favorite, and only, pencil skirt with my orange blazer and walked in their with the biggest smiled that said "Please hire me :)". I really wish I had that sweet, sweet Dunkin in my hands at that moment. Probably one of my favorite moments was when a woman with one of the employers complimented on my hair. Yess boyy.

It was a different experience though. I was getting face to face experience with people and potential employers, talking to them about what their companies were about and the jobs they had, and I got some freebees along with it. It was definitely different than applying online for a job and not fully understanding what the heck I was applying for.

I think at this point I'm just wanting to find something that will get me out of the house. Yes I've been out of college for only two months, but I need to find me some income and not watch anymore Netflix.

x Lauren

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