Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All Black (and Red) Everything | Bedroom Decor Dreamboard

We have now been living in our apartment for a little over 2 months now and every wall in this place is completely barren. I keep telling myself that I'm finally going to start putting stuff on the walls, but something always kept getting in the way. First, it was I wanted for us to save up some money so I didn't completely liquidate our accounts over apartment decorations. Now that we're sitting 'comfortably' (and I use that loosely) on our accounts, I wanted to find the absolute perfect ideas for decorating and utilizing our small space wisely. So of course I had to stumble over to Pinterest to do just that.

I'm probably going to end up bouncing back and forth between in our bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen on decorating aspect. But for whatever reason I really want to start with our bedroom seeing as how I doesn't need that much decor. 

Our bedding is black and has a white square outlining on it. It's very sophisticated looking and fits both of our tastes (well kind of Blake's). The rest of our furniture in there is black as well. My vision is to to have red be the pop of color throughout the bedroom on the walls and on our bookcase (Blake still doesn't know the purpose of it, but I will show him!)

I figured to do red pops of color because I figured it would suit Blake's needs since he's diehard Alabama fan. But I will not turn my bedroom into a mancave. So I'm trying to do this as tastefully as possible. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to good ol' Pinterest. I've come across I few ideas of how to tackle this project.

I want to do this more so as above the headboard of the bed or above our bookcase. With red patterns or can alternate between red and black.

Definitely need some throw pillows. In red. If I could get it with our monogram on it then I'll be absolutely set.

I am in love with this throw rug. All I need to do is to find something of this caliber because it is simply to die for. I may just have to bat my eyelashes and give a puppy dog look or two in order to get Blake to buy it.
This is also a possible over the headboard idea. Throw a splash of red in their and we may have ourselves a winner.
And this bedroom is exactly what I had in mind. The red accents are done tastefully and in all of the right ways.

After all of my research, I've come to find it's really hard to find how to do red in a room without it being so obnoxious. I don't want it to be so bright and everywhere. I want to highlight certain areas and only have small hints of red. Try to brighten up the room just a smidge seeing as all of my furniture and bedding are black.

Goal for getting this done: Christmas. Only 135 days to go.

If you're feeling a need for creativity, check out my home Pinterest board or my personal account :)

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