Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dorm Makeover

For the past 17 years of my life, around this time of year is when I would start planning my first day of school outfit, getting all of my school supplies together, decorating my locker, exchanging class schedules, setting up my dorm room, and preparing for sorority recruitment. This is the first August that I haven't had to go to classes since before 1997.

Before I started my freshman year, I thought maybe my future freshman bestie freshman roommate and I would be all cute and match everything in our room. Didn't exactly go down like that. Pretty much the only thing I brought that we shared was the microwave and mini-fridge. Everything else I was on my own. And that goes as well for deciding how to decorate and organize my dorm room.

As a freshman I thought the way I decorated my half of the dorm room was actually pretty creative.

 Pictures shaped in the form of an I for Illinois!#totalfreshmanmove

And if you walked in our room you could clearly see which side was mine and which was my roommates by the amount of crap stuff I had and how little she had. Whatevs. I'm kindof a horder and I hate bare walls. Sue me.

If only I had Pinterest to do my 'pre college research' of how to decorate my new space in the best way possible, these are a few ways that I would do it. If I was able to decorate my dorm room all over again:

 Because the bedding is to die for. And of course, the monogram.

 A little bedside cubby instead of using the windowsill like I had to.

 I just love the way this half of the room is set up. With the colors and having the futon underneath the bed. Super cozy!

 Typical college dorm desk, but set up very classy with Lilly and monograms.

 Obsessed with these colors together. And probably always will be. Having the huge monogram and a little bookshelf right above the bed.

 Again, I always wanted a little space beneath my bed. But the way my specific dorm was set up wasn't realistic. One of my friends in a different dorm had something just like this and I was so envious of it.

Classy decorations without being too overbearing. I might still have to learn about this.

For now, I am using all of my new ideas for decorating and applying them to my apartment. Like I've said before, I hate bare walls, and right now every wall in my apartment is bare. Clearly it's still a work in progress. But it's getting there!

To new college students, you have to live in that small space for nine months. Make the space your own style and maximize it as much as possible! When in doubt, Pinterest :)

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