Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Another week down. Which means another week closer to our trip to Alabama. It definitely helps that I have something to look forward to to make the time pass by quicker. This will be mine and B's first trip away together. A little mini vacay :)

Mini rant: Garth Brooks tickets went on sale this morning for the Atlanta show. B and I and one of his friends really wanted to be able to go since he already has leave scheduled for that weekend. I called the Ticketmaster Express number and I was on hold for 30 minutes! Right before they said "I'm sorry we can't retrieve the quantity you requested. Try again later. BYE" WHAATTT??

I was more frustrated with the fact that I had to be on hold for 30 minutes than not being able to purchase the tickets. And I was simultaneously trying to buy them online while I was on hold and I was STILL unsuccessful! I kinda expected it, it being Garth Brooks and all and it's the first time he's been to Atlanta in 17 years, but really? I'll still love you, but eff Ticketmaster. Boo, you whore.

And now; Friday = Favorites. Let's try to turn this frown upside down!


Housing Hack
How awesome is this?? I've been wanting to do something with the coffee mugs I have.

Every time after I do my nails. Speaking of which...

 Especially those Chewy Chips-A-Hoy. Get in my bellyyyy.

Okay, this isn't quite old. But it still gets me every time. Disney love for life <3 br="">

Give me all of the monogrammed things. Especially for Alabama Gameday!

Werd girlfran

Picture of Everyday Life
I actually just recently made this for my little cousin. A bow frame for a little princess! I wish they had these around, or someone created one, when I was a toddler.

I'm still in the market for a red sundress for the Alabama game. Must find the perfect one! Send help.

Happy Friday!

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  1. oh, gosh! I can't imagine how frustrated I'd be with ticketmaster! Did you end up getting the tickets?? I love that reader quote! So true!

    1. No we ended up not getting them because they only had single seats available. But that's okay, money saved is always good.