Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Guilty Pleasures

I'm a sucker for puns. I'm sure everyone is, but pair that with animal puns and/or animal humor, you have the most hilarious creation in the Internet universe! I mean, am I right?? You bet I am.

When I got my iPhone like two years ago, I was too excited about the emojis and all of the possibilities of using them in every text. Maybe a little bit too much. But, I digress.

This month on #TOTALSOCIAL with Helene in Between and Venus Trapped in Mars is talking all about the guilty pleasures. And I'm sure you're guessing that mine is animal humor/puns. Duh, guys.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Thanks to good ol' Pinterest, I will show you the lovely humor/puns that tickle my fancy.

Also, if you've seen Texts from Dog or Texts from Mittens, you know exactly how hilarious all of these are.

 The hawk one is the best :)

 And his face, he looks so focused!

 No pun here, but just too, too funny

 Get it?? Because they have 9 haha

 I bopped him on his head!

This one just gets me every time :)

And my absolute favorite from Texts from Dog. But they're all pretty great.

I have a lot more guilty pleasures, like music from the 90s, boy bands, and all crime shows. Speaking of which...

I am sure, scratch that, I'm positive I'm not the only one who can't get enough of animal humor. Only because I send them to my family all the time. But that's neither here nor there.

They are hilarious. Right? Right.

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  1. I love the animal puns! I have a book series that I read specifically for the bad puns. The author even makes puns about puns. It shouldn't be funny, but it is.

    Also, discovering emojis was fairly mind blowing. My sisters and I immediately tried to play games where we would make a "pictogram" with emojis and the others would have to guess the quote. It didn't always work, but it was a good time.

  2. And then my little heart melted from this post... SO ADORABLEEEEE!!!! The texts from dog = perfection

  3. haha yes i love this so so very much. this is awesome. the bunny kung fu fighting yes!

  4. hahaha i love all of these. the dog one is so funny, and i'm a sucker for anything cat related :)