Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wrapup | Terrific Lady Day!

Am I the only one who gets super excited whenever I get to decide what we do for a day?? I didn't think so. 

Well it's a super big deal in our home when we get to do something I want to do. Mostly because whatever I want to do doesn't sound very satisfying to the Mr. But I was lucky enough to get two terrific lady days! Whoop Whoop!

If you don't know what Terrific Lady Day is, or haven't caught the reference from The League, here's a definition from Urban Dictionary:

"A special day that a man gives to his significant other (girlfriend, fiance, wife) in which he does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Most of the time, this is done to fix a screw-up, or obtain good graces in preparation for a future screw-up."

Friday's Terrific Lady Day included seeing Up in the park. And it was absolutely perfect throughout the whole evening! It cooled down to a wopping 88 degrees, we got an awesome parking spot close by, and got a super nice spot underneath a tree. If anyone's been to a movie in the park with a lot of children around, you know how rare all of these instances are to occur. So Friday was an all around win for me, and obviously for Blake because he got to hang out with me, duh!

Saturday I got to have another Terrific Lady Day, well really half of a day, and we went shopping! First, I went to go get the car checked to see if there was a coolant leak or something. All they did was add fluids and didn't even check anything. Side bar: why is it that mechanics think women don't know what were talking about when it comes to car problems? When I told the guy about what the issue was all he said was that I'm probably overreacting. EXCUSE ME. I think I would know if my car was leaking some sort of fluid, mister. Okay, back to my Terrific Lady Day. 

We went out to the Destin Commons so that I could find something to wear for both of the Alabama football games were going to, one being this Saturday. Even though Blake was basically complaining the entire time, he was still a champ because he said everything I tried on was pretty. Even the girl who worked at Apricot Lane, where both beautiful outfits were purchased, commended him for coming along. He's a real sweet guy for doing what his lady loves. But, aren't they just so pretty??
Saturday night we went out to Crestview and had a little party with a lot of Blake's friends and I even made friends with one of the spouses! Yay, me! 

Sunday was spent what didn't get done that week, grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning up what I could. We also finished up watching The League on Netflix, which was a super sad day in our house. Even though I understand why they ended filming the show, basically because everyone in the league had a terrible season so there was no point to keep making more episodes. But it is extremely hilarious, all 21 minutes of it, and I highly suggest watching it.

I am definitely looking forward to this coming weekend. We're taking a road trip to Fort Benning and then The Chick-fil-A Kickoff game at the Georgia Dome!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I love the outfit in the left! It looks so cute!

  2. I love that outfit on the right! very cute. xo jillian - stop by I'm hosting a great giveaway on cornflake dreams

  3. Love both of those outfits! I have pretty much refused doing anything that involves me and cars because of the way women are treated. I just can't bare to be a "little lady" when they talk to me in such a demeaning way!

    1. I know!! I understand they probably think women mostly ask stupid questions, but I would rather ask a stupid question and cover all of my bases rather than my car break down AND THEN give them more money.