Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why I Suck At Being A Girl

I've always been a tom boy ever since I was a young tot.

I would much rather be playing sports when I was younger than doing girly things. My hair was always in a ponytail. I had straight across bangs up until 6th grade. I would wear comfy or jogging/athletic pants rather than wearing cute clothes (even though my mom said I was still super cute; but I guess moms are just like that)

Except for shoot a gun, but he did teach my how to throw a punch.

Even though I've grown up and have become somewhat of a girl, I still feel like I suck at being one. And here's why...

  1. I cannot tweeze my eyebrows. My sister can vouch for me because she tells me every time I'm at home.
  2. My makeup consists of only mascara, if I am wearing any, and has always been like that since I discovered makeup in 7th grade.
  3. SPORTS. I love playing sports. Watching sports. Learning about sports. In fact my dream job is to work in the sports industry.
  4. I never knew how to do my hair. I finally I got the hang of it my sophomore year of college
  5. Aren't girls supposed to be really good at cleaning? If so, I'm terrible at cleaning. But this could also attribute to my being lazy
  6. I actually hate shopping and I don't know to pair items together with accessories. My idea of an accessory is a scarf, and I have a ton of those bad boys.
Now that I've given you reasons why I suck at being a girl, I still am a girl and a few things could prove that.

  1. My favorite color is pink. I know, stereotypical girl color.
  2. Monograms. I'm completely obsessed
  3. My crafting skills. I don't want to toot my own horn but my creative and crafting skills are pretty bangin'. My thinking is, the more glitter the better. Am I right?
  4. After my ability to do hair quickly vanished, I figured out how to use a straightener into a curling iron and fell in love with a teasing comb. The higher the hair the closer to God? Exactly
  5. I love wearing dresses and maxi skirts more than life itself. Moreso because it flatters my body type way more than jeans and a T-shirt, but if I could I would much rather wear a dress than any other item of clothing.
  6. Like all little girls (and big girls) I'm a Disney Princess. Well not really, but I wish I could be so I guess that makes me a girl.
There are probably many reasons why I suck at being a girl and how I'm kinda decent at being one, but I felt like 6 reasons on each end were good enough. And a twofer for you, all 12 really describe me, so booyah!

Can anyone relate to me on this one? I feel like I can't be alone.

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  1. I always considered myself a tom boy too, since I grew up playing every sport possible. I think we kind of "grow" into our girly self by necessity. It's best to be some of both if you ask me!

    1. I completely agree with you! Go all Hannah Montana being the "best of both worlds" haha :)