Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Air Force Graduation

It's almost been a year since Blake left for Basic Training. Which then means it's almost been a year since we got engaged! AH! Anyways. This isn't about me. This is about Blake and how proud I am about all of his achievements hes had in the short time of being enlisted.

Blake graduated in January of this year and I was super excited to see him after writing letters and the occasional phone call for two and a half months. I was especially excited to see him in his dress blues too :)

Thursday was the Airman Coin Ceremony and Friday was the actual Graduation. Friday and Saturday he got town passes so we were able to roam around the San Antonio area and enjoy as much time as we could together, even with his family in tow. 

Isn't he so handsome :)
And because in Illinois the weather is like 20 degrees, I took full advantage of the Texas weather and broke out my dresses and boots. 

I have to admit, I didn't cry like all of the other families and girlfriend did around me. And I really wanted to! But I didn't. And Blake was kinda happy about that. 
I would say that I probably would've enjoyed the whole weekend a lot more if everyone was on the same page. It got really stressful on my end trying to please everyone and to do the same things. 

But I was all about Blake and his weekend celebrating everything he's done for two and a half months. The fact that I got to spend time with him for four days before he reported to his technical training was good enough for me.

And sure enough the next time I would see him would be for our wedding two months later!

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  1. Found your blog on the Military Moments link-up and loved reading your post! Such a small world - we are stationed at Eglin AFB too! :)

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