Monday, September 22, 2014

Alabama Slammer | Weekend Wrapup

What is it about vacations and road trips that make you feel like you need at least more than 24 hours of sleep to fully recover? Because that's how I feel right now. After getting home yesterday, Blake and I just parked ourselves on the couch for the rest of the night until I was unable to get a full night of sleep.

Anyway, let's talk about my weekend in Tuscaloosa. That's what this is about right? Not my complaining about the lack of sleep I got the whole weekend. 

We got in Thursday for the concert we were going to later that night. After checking into the murder scene of a hotel, which no joke I've never been more scared of staying in a hotel before, I would've rather slept in my car, we took a drive over to campus to check it out and what not. 

Let me preface this by saying I loved the University of Illinois campus. It was the reason I wanted to go there in the first place because it was such a beautiful campus, and I still stand by that. But the University of Alabama campus is breathtaking. All of the buildings had pillars and looked brand new. Everything was close together but it looked huge at the same time. We drove down the main strip and that's where a lot of the fraternity houses were and those were equally as beautiful too.

Funny thing though, as we were driving down the main street every girl that we passed was wearing an oversized t-shirt and running shorts. Like oversized enough to where it was questionable if they were wearing shorts at all. I don't get it. I guess it's a thing. It was kinda a thing at Illinois but not enough where every single girl was wearing the same thing. 

After our little drive around campus we headed back to our tragic hotel and got ready for the concert. And so far it was turning out to be a beautiful night. It was at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater so it was going to be outside. There wasn't going to be any sign of rain. Well at least we thought so anyways. 

 We were more excited about Sam Hunt and Chase Rice than the main act of Darius Rucker. I'm a fan of some of his songs but he's not really my cup of tea. 

Right when my love Sam Hunt came on stage, it started drizzling. I sure as heck wasn't moving from my spot, a little rain wasn't going to get in my way of his sweet serenades. BUT, one song later, it started to downpour... OF COURSE. But, I still didn't move. While everyone else was leaving, Blake and I toughed it out and stood in our spot. And then the rain started to get out of control which made me start to take cover. And since everyone was starting to leave and go elsewhere meant that their closer seats were up for grabs! Holler! I got to seem him closer! 

When he was done preforming we took cover with everyone else. Some of the really intoxicated girls around us were screaming "OH MY GOD IT'S CANCELLED. MY HAIR IS SOAKED. WHY DID I WEAR ALL WHITE" I wasn't leaving until I actually heard from the staff that the thing was cancelled. Fair enough right? Sure enough 5 minutes later, and the storm getting much worse, the cancelled it. So we hightailed it out of their and walked the half mile back to our car. Which, we thought we were pretty slick for pay $10 cheaper than everyone else for parking a half mile away. What's the harm right? We'll get to walk off the Chipotle we just ate. HA. Fools. We got back to our car and drove back to the hotel to get out of our soaked through wardrobe and try to get dry.

Now lets fast forward 2 hours later, after we've showered and are no longer looking like soaked rats, I get a notification from the Amphitheater saying "Darius Rucker will be playing as scheduled at 9:20pm. It is safe to enter the building." I got that notification at 10 FREAKING PM. Oh, we were livid. Because not only were we told that it was cancelled, but now we were being notified 40 minutes after the fact of the concert resuming for it's 'scheduled time.' So we hoped in our car and went back to the Amphitheater, parking where ever I pleased which meant right next to the place, and talked to the staff to get some sort of refund. Which we fully intend on getting compensation for. We weren't the only ones upset about the matter.

The first security guy we talked to was super understanding about it. Which made me very happy. It's the definition of good customer service. You need to be understanding of what happened and to not act like a jacklick about it. That's where this other moron comes in. I don't know why he came up to us in the first place, because he didn't act like he cared about us being upset or wasn't going to even try to be understanding. Total jacklick. "I'm just going to play on my phone while these two people complain to me because I really don't care that they're upset about their experience. I'm getting paid either way for being here and this isn't even my event. Hollaaaa." K. Bye.

We were able to get some wristbands to stand in the pit for the last 15 minutes of the set. Which we should've just left anyways because I was no longer in the mood to be there but we drove all the way out there so what the heck, right? We left right before he played Wagon Wheel and I definitely wasn't going to stay around for that. 

Honestly, the situation wouldn't have been as bad if the concert was 'cancelled' after Chase Rice performed. We would've been happy to leave and not come back. Chase Rice and Sam Hunt were the only ones we wanted to see anyways. 

That was one hell of a Thursday. And only the first day of our trip. So it only had to go up from there right?

Friday we planned on spending it on campus to walk around and check out all of the stores. It was nearly impossible trying to find parking down there. Especially on the day before gameday, everyone had to move their cars by 5 pm. After finding 1 hour parking at the Publix on campus, we checked out the campus stores for some new Alabama swag. Everything we found was decently priced too! I walked away with a Comfort Colors long sleeve and a coffee mug and Blake got a new shirt and pullover quarterzip.

We rushed back to our car after the hour was up, which there was a cop in our lot checking out the cars that were there for longer than that, and drove around to try to find more parking but were out of luck. So we went over to the Paul Bryant Museum to kill some time before going back to the hotel and one of Blake's friends got into town. And I gotta say, I'm a sucker for a museum and this place was cool. It wasn't very big but it didn't really have to be because it was so informative of all of the coaching history on Alabama and then centered back to Paul Bryant.

What's really cool also is almost every intersection on that campus has the Alabama A logo in the middle of it. Pretty neat!

We headed back to the hotel rested before Blake's friend Kyle showed up for the game the next day. And after he showed up we headed over to Walmart to get supplies for our tailgate. Kyle wanted to see the campus so Blake drove him over while I stayed behind and started packing up everything we needed for the next day.

Saturday was Alabama gameday! And that meant setting up our tailgate at 6 in the morning which meant waking up earrrlllyyyy. Blake jumped out of bed like it was Christmas morning. And once we got there nobody was there. Yeah. We were the first ones at our tailgate spot. We set up camp and waited for everyone else to show up!

We made friends with others around us! Everyone there had a TV set up to watch SEC network which was actually going on right in front of Bryant-Denny Stadium. The game didn't started till 2:30 so we hung out at our spot till around 12:30 and made the long walk to the stadium. The campus is crazy on gamedays. Everyone is everywhere.

 Now our seats were high, high, high up. Like getting a leg workout high up. But the game was super fun! I've never seen a stadium so packed and loud and full of energy. It was awesome and I know we'll be going to at least one game a year.

 The first half of the game was a bit rough, the second half of the game was much better playing in Alabama's favor. And they won! Leaving the stadium everyone was flooding the streets. It was unbelievable. Quite the sight to see.

The weekend was really something. And I have the sunburn lines to prove it. 

Until next time, Alabama. Which will probably be next year.

Happy Monday!

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  1. No wonder you were exhausted when you came home, what a weekend! Concerts in a downpour aren't my idea of a good time,and I can't believe the notification came so late! WTH? Glad you had a great weekend overall!

    1. Yes, other than Thursday it was a great weekend! We're still pretty heated about the delayed notification.

  2. Oh my gosh - I would have been right there with you on Thursday night being livid with the late non-cancellation email! So rude!! Glad to hear that you guys had a great time at the game - even though it didn't workout in my teams favor - it's always fun to be at the stadium where the team wins!!

  3. Ah that concert situation sounds horrible!! I would've been so mad! That's ridiculous that they were so unorganized. And I hate when security/staff has a bad attitude!!

    Sounds like the game was fun though! We def don't have that college football culture in SoCal. I envy you Southerners. I've been to one tailgate/game in Tennessee and it was a blast.

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

    1. The first guy we talked to was really understanding about it and said that this is the first rain delay/cancellation they've had this year so I kinda felt a little bad for them. But they still should've had some sort of plan for the situation.