Thursday, September 4, 2014

August a la Instagram

 Goodbye August, Hello September! Well four days ago but whatevs. 

In Florida, even though it is technically fall, it still reaches a heat index of 100 degrees. Bleh. So while I have to hold off on my fall wardrobe with wearing boots and sweaters until probably November, I've been super pumped for fall to begin.

Even though my nails say "I'm pink and bright and pretty! It's still summer!" My mind is like "get me a Salted Caramel Mocha stat and wear your boots too"

I've been spending the first week of September and fall temping at a car dealership in the service center. Where you think people would be more pleased for getting their car fixed. WRONG. It's almost like I'm waitressing all over again. Oy vie, customer service.

Funny story. Apparently I've been parking in the owner of the dealership's spot for the past few days. Hahahaha whoops. That's my bad guys. Now they probably won't let me come back because of it. But hey, I'm always down to learn new skills so I can't really complain about the little mishap. Maybe they should label his assigned spot instead.

So now, let's recap on the last month of August based on my Instagram. If you aren't following me, you really should. I spread lots of love :) 

Instagram: ellemullikin 
Instagram: ellemullikin  
Instagram: ellemullikin 
Instagram: ellemullikin  
Instagram: ellemullikin

You got it, right? Sweeeeet. 
Hopefully should be in order. We'll see.

1. Movie at the Landing. As I've said before, Fort Walton Beach does this super adorable thing where they played Disney movies in the park looking out over the bay. This month we went to see Despicable Me and Up!
2. Ellie's Bow Frame. I crafted that super adorable bow frame for my little two year old cousin. And finally sent it off to her family back in Illinois. She was super stoked, I know. But was too occupied by opening the box to care what it was.
3. Walking down the bay. I've been walking around a lot lately to get to places since I'm not far from major convenience stores. Like 1.5 miles from Walmart. 2 miles from CVS. 2.5 miles from my temp agency. Piece of cake!
4. Hamburger Helper heaven. I won't lie, we make a lot of Hamburger Helper in this household. Only because it's super easy to make and because Blake always asks for it. I really really really want to start actually cooking dinners from scratch(ish) but I just don't know where to begin.
5. Sunday baking. Ever since this day, I have been baking brownies almost every Sunday now. Not only because it's super relaxing and I'm kinda good at it (toot toot!), but also because Blake shares it with some guys at work for lunch. Gotta make those Airmen happy right?
6. Pool days. This is essentially my view every time I go to my pool. I'm really trying to soak up last of it before it closes, which I am hoping it's not soon because you know Florida is practically Hades.
7 & 8 Day trip to Mobile. Both of these were taken and posted in the same day (I think?). We drove up to Mobile to scoop up some Alabama tickets for the neutral sight game in Atlanta last weekend. And the sights were just too pretty to capture!
9. Build on the new. I am always wanting to stay positive and focus on what is going to happen later and be hopeful rather than focus on the negative and what happened in the past. Still trying on this one here.

1. Allison's Birthday! It was my best friend/roomie's birthday last month. The baby finally turned 22 and celebrated at Toby Keith's in Illinois. I was kinda jealous I wasn't there for it because 1) I love her and 2) I love Toby Keith's. Duh.
2. May I serve you? I got my first temping assignment last month and got to be a server at a graduation ceremony on base. All of the guests were super polite and understanding of everything. Well, at least mine were ;) And I got to wear this super snazzy bowtie.
3. Craftin' me crazy. The coffee table in my living room is essentially become my crafting table for a good week. Now that we have the moo-la for me to craft freely, I have taken full advantage.
4. Selfies. I got an interview to temp at the car dealership that I'm at this week. My outfit was completely instagramable (yes it's a word).
5. Shopppinggggg. First time I've bought actual clothes since maybeee... I have no idea. That's sad. I don't know when the last time I bought clothes was.
6. Fort Benning Graduation. Blake's friend from home (who was also in our wedding) graduated from basic training last weekend. And it was really cool to see a different military branch graduation ceremony. And seeing my husband in his dress blue's wasn't half bad either :)
7. ALABAMA in Atlanta! Yeah. We we're in Atlanta last weekend. Made it into a two-fer with the graduation and football game all in the same weekend. Score! Zing! Huzzah!

For the end of the summer, August was pretty good. But fall is my season. Football. Sweaters. Scarves. Boots. Pumpkin everything. Pretty colors. Let the beauty begin.

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