Monday, September 8, 2014

Camp for a Day | Weekend Wrapup

You know how I said I was going to spend my weekend sleeping? I'm pretty sure sleep was very last thing on my list this weekend. But no complaints here!
Friday was my sweet daddy's birthday! It sucks that I'm not back in Illinois to celebrate with him. Even though every year his birthday would fall during recruitment on school so it's not as different I suppose, but being over 14 hours away from your family gets a little harder and missing special occasions like these. September is both of my parents' birthdays so September is a special month in our family.

My dad is a very special man. I've been a daddy's girl ever since I was little and it has gotten even more prominent as I've gotten older. My dad is such an easy going person, easy to talk to, and has a big heart especially for his three girls. I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the world!

Saturday was filled with College Gameday football for the better part of the morning and in the afternoon we took off to go camping nearby with some of Blake's friends.

Ain't that the truth? Blake and a lot of his friends have been planning this camping trip for a while but have finally executed the plan to doing it Saturday. Luckily the weather was in our favor! It wasn't raining like it always is, it wasn't a scorching 100 degrees, and there was a breeze! Score!

We were the first ones there so we set up camp while we waited for the everyone else to show up. Our site was overlooking the lake that was extremely dreamy with the Sun just peaking through the trees.

Dreamy right??

For the first time in like ever, Blake told me to take a picture of him 'gazing out into the water' haha. Each time he would break his pose and ask "is it pretty??"

We had a few ant hills that were surrounding our campsite. Pair boys with a lighter and bug spray and they will be entertained for at least a good 10 minutes. 

Super dreamy right? The water and the sun all together. And of course, beer.

The rest of the night included sitting by a fire, roasting some delicious smores (because smores and camping is synonymous with each other, oh and beer), and almost causing chaos with the goons that were right next to us.

The chocolate on top of that delicious smore just HAD to be our car not starting the next morning. And of course everyone else at our campsite were conveniently gone before we woke up. Thankfully the goons next to us were kind enough to give us a jump. Now not only does it not have enough juice to completely start, but might have to send it the repair shop AGAIN. I swear this car has giving me more pain and annoyance in the year and a half I've had it than actual use. Maybe time for a new car? Like a pretty 2014?? I've never had a real nice car so now would be the best time right?? I digress.

Excuse my ramble. Camping. Right.

The boys have already started planning for another camping trip to happen. Put boys together in the woods and there is no telling what can happen. Their true redneck comes out and they just might chop down a tree for more firewood. Or they may try to fall asleep on the fishing dock. Anything can happen with all of them together. Causes for some true entertainment!

Nothing like saying fall has arrived by camping, right?

Happy Monday! Criminal Minds comes back on October 2! I'll be spending all of my time watching all 9 seasons on Netflix.

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  1. Sounds so fun!! Love that eCard too, haha!

  2. I've never camped.. Ive been wanting to try it.. I dont think I'd be good at it.. considering I hate bugs but it would definitely be an experience!

    Thanks for linking up for our weekend recap!
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    1. That's what bug spray is for! That was pretty much the only bug I encountered with. Just take baby steps and go camp for a day. No need to dive right in and do it for a week!

  3. i havent been camping in years! i used to love the canoeing part :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. You are a trooper! Camping just is not my thing, but you do make it look fun! :) Thanks for sharing with Manic Monday! Carylee |