Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Currently Loving

I am always the last to join in on a fad. Especially on phones. I was late to the party on getting the iPhone 4. And now that the iPhone 6 has recently come out, I figured it would be a good enough time to get the iPhone 5s. Duh! I mean, hi, it's now cheaper than it was because of the 6 coming out. Even though the screen is only an inch bigger I guess but whatevs. My phone was just on it's last dying limb and has been for 6 months so I just tried to get every last bit out of it. I'd like to think I win on this one. Beat that Apple! (but thanks for coming out with a new product so now my lovely phone is now cheaper, you're the man).

But anywhoser.


thinking -- about how much of a headache I have from my headband cutting off circulation on my head (also, just realized that's a lot of head. Hahaha sorry I'm immature and funny). Bring out the fabric sweatband!
making -- CDs for our little vacay tomorrow. I know. Who makes CDs anymore? But I refuse to pay $50 for a device to play my iPod through my radio. Sorry Charlie.

looking -- forward to our road trip to Alabama tomorrow! Darius Rucker concert tomorrow night and Alabama football game on Saturday!

playing -- Frozen Free Fall on my Kindle. It's like Candy Crush only a million times better because it's frozen themed. Duh.

eating -- Double Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper. Like I've said before, we really love hamburger helper in this household. Maybe a little too much.

watching -- The Blacklist on Netflix. The new season comes out next week so Blake's been catching up since he left midseason for basic training. Dang military.

creating -- I just finished a project for a special someone that I can't quite share yet only because she hasn't received it yet via mail. Oh the woes of living 900 miles away from home. But I do have other crafts going on for my bedroom and our picture collage in the living room! 

wishing -- that I was employed. Because then that means money and that means I can buy pretty things and make pretty crafts.

planning -- a girls night! Me and two other wives have committed to a wine and paint party in Fort Walton and I am so excited! It'll be fun to finally hang out with just girls while all the boys are out being boys together. Here's the picture were painting. Pretty fitting don't you think? :)

enjoying -- my new iPhone. I'm really enjoying playing with it. Even though it's essentially the same as the 4, but especially with the new iOS 8 it's fun playing with the new features it has. And who doesn't love a longer screen so that it doesn't crop my pictures completely in Instagram??

wearing -- my usual running shorts and extremely comfortable tank. I got it in California when my sister lived there over a year ago and it's the simplest of garments. I just says 'San Diego' on it with palm trees over the front. Very touristy but oh so comfy.

eyeing -- all things fall! I just want to wear cardigans again. And my boots. Living in Florida doesn't really give me that freedom of wearing fall clothing quite just yet.

reading -- The One and Only by Emily Giffin. I'm only halfway through the book and I'm a little disturbed by how much she has the hots for her best friend's father... I mean come on, that is all she talks about!! Otherwise, I'm still enjoying it and hoping that it has a better ending than what I'm predicting.

loving -- that Blake and I get to get away again this weekend. Even living together, it's still nice to go somewhere new and not have to worry about him getting called into work and just enjoying ourselves.

Happy Hump day!


  1. Aw my hubs is heading to Alabama tomorrow! Have fun at the concert! And as much as I love headbands, I almost never wear them because THEY KILL ME!

    1. Even though they are so cute, they squeeze my head so much. But beauty is pain right?