Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY Running Bib and Medal Holder

I am super excited about this project I made. I made it as a birthday present for my Mom. She's been into running and races for the past year and she has been so successful in all of her achievements. She's been hanging up all of her race bibs and medals in the basement right in front of the treadmill as her inspiration. Which is super adorable of her! But my sisters and I wanted to get her something where she can hang all of those race bibs and medals in one area.

So I'm all "I don't need to buy something when I can just make it myself" type of gal. Especially when I already sometimes have all of the supplies on hand. And thanks to Pinterest, here was the inspiration behind the creation.

Now, I will show you step by step (with pictures!) of how to make this yourself!
The supplies needed for this fantastic craft are:
  • A color of Acrylic paint of your choosing, I chose purple because it's one of my mom's favorite colors
  • A big bottle of white Acrylic paint for the multiple layers for the base
  • Basswood plaque, it can be found at any of your convenience craft stores with all of the wood crafts
  • A hook. Conveniently the one I found is called a Swag Hook.
  • Two clips. I used the magnetic clips found in the school supplies section.
And of course Criminal Minds. A definite need for the project.

First, you will need to paint your base coat on the basswood. I used white and about 5 coats of it.

Next, you pick the design you want to paint on the basswood. At first I wanted to do a damask print, but then I quickly realized I'm not that talented. So then I decided to do a Moroccan-style print, which I found here.

Now you start painting with your color of choice! I went back and forth between outlining the print in purple or filling it in. But I'm super happy with the choice I went with.

Half-way through! You can see already how awesome it's going to look.
And here's the finished product of it. I did two coats of the purple acrylic paint and outlined the design in white for a cleaner, crisper look.

For both the hook and clips, I decided to paint both of them in black acrylic paint. And I'm happy I did because it looked so much better.

I traced around the clips and painted the circles so it would look clean before gluing them on.

Oh yeah, I also wrote on the top "Celebrate Every Mile" I looked up different fonts to use on dafont. I ended up just doing it free hand and kinda combining different styles. 

After screwing on the hook I knew I wanted to trace another sort of print around it. I decided on the fleur di lis and I'm super happy with how it came out. It really brought the whole project together.

Ain't it pretty?? My mom just got it in the mail and said that she absolutely loves it. I couldn't be more proud or happy about it. You know those projects after you're done with it you kinda are surprised of yourself? Yeah. That's this one right here. Ta da! If you like what you see, maybe I'll work out a deal with you. Maybe :)


  1. What an awesome gift for your mom! I love gifts that have a lot of time, effort, and heart put into them -- so much more meaningful than just picking something up from the store. And you're seriously making me want to bust out my own craft supplies and make something. It's been a while, which is a shame because it's something I used to love to do!

    1. Thank you! I know, I love giving gifts that are creative like this. Especially ones that I know (or hope) that they'll use more often than something bought.

  2. Love it! So pretty and useful!

  3. That really is cute….Perfect gift for a runner!

    1. Thank you! She really loved it and worked so hard.

  4. That is such a good idea!! I don't run at all, but My sister is a runner & she would love this! Thanks for the wonderful idea!