Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Wrapup

Hello bloggy-world! 

First off, today is my sweet momma's birthday! She is beautiful inside and out and has a heart of gold. She is an amazing woman who has shown me so much and how to be strong no matter what. I wouldn't choose anyone else to look up to as a role model.

Our last picture together when she moved me to Florida in June.

Friday night, one of the local high schools was having a military appreciation night for their football game. The band played each branch's song and had special recognition for all of the military members and a few special ones during halftime. Given that there are 5 military bases within 100 miles, it was really amazing how a lot of members and the community shows their support for the men and women serving, especially our loved ones.

Isn't that a breathtaking sight?

Saturdays we spend watching College Gameday in our household. Starting at 9am with brews and doesn't stop until the last game of the night. 
Even though the Fighting Illini have found every which way to suck this year, still gotta rep them proudly.

All day Saturday Blake and I bounced around from our couch to our pool to spend a little time in the sun. We thought that of friend of his was going to come visit us for the weekend but he ended up having to report back to his base when he was 20 minutes away from our apartment. Talk about bad luck right? BUT, I can't really complain because Blake and I ended up going out to dinner to celebrate being married for 6 months! :):):):):)

We went to an early dinner because 1) it was supposed to storm around 7 and we wanted to eat overlooking the beach, 2) Alabama was playing at 5 and of course Blake couldn't miss that. Duh. So we headed out to a local restaurant that does all you can eat popcorn shrimp and their food is amazing! I decided to splurge with a Bloody Mary and I'm glad that I did because it was simply to die for but it came with a pretty price. I don't think a beverage should ever be more expensive than my meal, even though Bloody Mary's (when done right) are a meal in itself.

 How beautiful does that look?

Of course, mother nature has a sense of humor and decided to bring the storm during our dinner so that cut out our beachfront view. Bleh. So that also put a damper on our plans to hang out at the beach with another couple after our dinner. But of course the storm decided to calm down to a screeching halt and cleared up. Instead of spending time on the beach, we went to a pool hall for a bit and played some games. Nothing big, super casual night.

What's super exciting is that the wife of the couple and I figured out we have a obsession with crafting and found out that in Fort Walton there is a wine and paint place! If you've heard of these type of places, basically you register for the specific panting you want to do and you get to drink wine while doing it! It's a crafter's dream. Even though that's me basically every time I have a new project but whatevs. These show you how to paint it, kinda like a paint by number, and you are essentially paying for all of the supplies and beverages. We had one of these places at school and I never got the chance to go to one. My friends have all tried it and they all speak very highly of the paint and wine parties!

Speaking of crafts, yesterday I raided the local craft store for some more projects for our home decor. They were having a major sale on a lot of their fall items so I decided to take advantage of it and find some items to spruce up our little space. I'm super excited about all of it too! Their simple but it's tasteful in it's finest.

Happy Monday! Thursday I'll be in Tuscaloosa for our little getaway!


  1. dude! That view at the football game! How gorgeous (and what a perfect night to have that view, huh?) Happy six months!

  2. Illini fan huh? Mizzou fan right here ;)

    Those wine and painting classes are super fun, especially if you go with a girlfriend or two. You'll have a great night.

    Stopping by from the mingle :)

  3. Happy 6 month anniversary! I've been to several of those painting classes and they are very fun! Last year for Valentine's my husband and I did a class together.

  4. happy anniversary! too bad it stormed but still sounds like a great time. xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a $150 Tieks gift card giveaway on cornflake dreams