Monday, October 13, 2014

Beach Side Oktoberfest | Weekend Wrapup

Hello! Happy Monday! It's a government holiday which meant I got the luxury of having Blake all to myself today without work interruption. Which is good because we spent a great majority of our time this weekend on the beach and getting a good sunburn in October.

Friday night, we got a call from Blake's friend who is stationed in Georgia saying "Hey, we're heading your way right now." The first thing we asked was "Well, how many are included in this 'we'?" It was him and three other guys (all belonging to said friend). We don't have a big living area. So we we're freaking out that we would have four additional males staying with us for a long weekend. When Blake told me how many were coming, all I said was "If the local police department finds four dead bodies on Monday, I'm not held responsible."

Don't worry. No bodies were found. They we're actually very good house guests to my surprise.

When they got in late that night, the boys wanted to go down to the beach and I decided to stay behind because I had to work a temp job the next morning. So they were out of my control and my supervision that night.

I was working a wedding that morning. Which by the way, they we're the cutest thing I've ever seen. And all of the guests we're very pleased with all of our service! Huzzah!

Anyways, while I was at work, Blake told me that they were all heading to the beach (again). So when I got off the clock I headed their way with Starbucks in tow.
After spending a few hours on the beach, we went home and spent the remainder of the night watching college football and my babysitting the four goons.

Blake and I turned in early. And maybe after an hour I heard my door keep opening and closing with other knocks and noises... from the hallway outside of my apartment!! Come to find out that Blake's friend decided it was a good time to start knocking on our neighbors doors and seeing if there were any pretty girls living around (there isn't). 

I was livid.

I went out to the living room, where conveniently all four of them were 'pretending' to be asleep, and heard my mothers voice leave my mouth. I started yelling at them as if they we're 5 years old. I kinda felt bad after the fact but still, a little disrespectful in my eyes.

Don't worry. I made them all a big breakfast because I felt so bad. Where only Blake and his friend ate it. Ungrateful!

Sunday ended up being another beautiful day, and the boys just can't get enough of the beach, so we spent another full day out there. And we had an entire set up too.
Canopy, chairs, cooler and all
It was a beautiful and windy day out in Fort Walton. We made friends all around us. The beach was packed. And the water was amazing too! So warm, especially in October.

The boys tried to make sandcastles. And got a little crazy and wanted to bury each other too. Men.
We (they boys) even caught two jellyfish too! Which brought all of the attention of the kids around us saying "Woooaaahhh. That's so cool!!"
The second one even had tentacles!

Even though they only planned on staying till Saturday, they didn't leave till this morning. And I've never seen so much sand on my floors and furniture since I've been living here.

Definitely a good weekend! We we're due for it since the past two we haven't had anything going on at all. And today I relaxed with a little ring cleaning, clearance candle shopping, fresh paint job for fall nail colors, and investing in a ton of aloe vera.
Here's to another great week!

Also, my mom ran in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday and I may or may not have balled like a baby when I watched the video my sisters sent me of her crossing the finish line. Which then led to me crying when I called her to tell her how proud I was of her.

Which now leads me to say that I've finally bit the bullet and registered for the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville in April. I'm crazy and very determined.


  1. Haha, don't you love unexpected guests? Lol. Sounds like you guys had a great time! The beach looks like so much fun, wish I was there!


    1. Haha yes after the fact they we're very nice guests. It wasn't so nice upon hearing about their arrival.

  2. Way to go for signing up for a half marathon! That's definitely on my bucket list. But it's totally not happening any time soon!

  3. Jelly fish faa-rreeeek me out. I would not have been a happy camper at the beach. Congrats on signing up for the half marathon, I've been considering it but haven't taken the leap!