Thursday, October 23, 2014

Free-Man, MO. Pt.2

Another addition of our little trip in Missouri! Read about our first few days, too while you're at it :)

Yesterday, Blake, his friend and I went on down to Kansas City for the watch party of Game 2 of the World Series down at Power and the Lights District. And it was freaking cool!

First in the beginning of the day I went to look at trees. Because you know I'm a deprived Florida resident now where I don't get to see trees change to pretty fall colors. 
Before that though, we went to Gates BBQ for some Kansas City barbecue. Apparently what my husband tells me is that Gates isn't KC's best, but it's just out of convenience because there are so many. Now me being from Illinois, barbecue is still barbecue to me so I could care less. But I was pretty excited to go there because the last time I went was over a year ago. 
Of course had to take pictures. Acting like the tourist that I am and drawing attention to ourselves. 

I'm going to admit here real quick, that in the beginning of being at the watch party, like the first few innings, I wasn't having a good time. I should've been. But I pissed for two reasons: 1) Anything that happens at P&L, you have to be 21. Which is super dumb because they do concerts and other stuff there too. And I knew that would happen where they wouldn't let us in for not everyone being 21. And 2) EVERYWHERE online said that all ages were welcome to P&L for the watch party but I guess they decided to change their minds right before because the night before was such a disaster. Then freaking update your internet announcements! It's not hard. And it's super inconvenient for everyone who just want to watch the game around a bunch of other Royals fans. 

Sorry. I had to rant for a second and be honest. Okay. Now I'm done. 
The whole watch party was super fun. It was very high energy. The Royals were actually winning. And somehow the very intoxicated girl next to me thought we were best friends. There was so much entertainment in just a little space. Except for every overly tall male in the place thought it would be a good idea to stand directly in front of me. Pretty sure they had a meeting about it. 
And what do you know, the Royals won! And they played All I Do Is Win. And it was awesome. 
With glitter and confetti everywhere. Except for the glitter. But it would've been super cool if that actually happened. 

Today we drove out for a few visits with Blake's grandma and a guy Blake is super close with from his hometown. So we've had a lot of bonding time today. 

I'll leave you with another pretty tree because, fall. :)

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  1. The trees are so pretty! I love watching the leaves change colors here in NC! Also, I nominated you for a blogger award! Go to my page and take a look!