Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

There's something about having your week start on a Tuesday just kinda mess up you're entire week. All feels off in the world and it's totally thrown me off of my half marathon training. I will get my rear end back in gear, I promise!

If any of you follow along with baseball or with Kansas City baseball more specifically, they are going to the World Series! Blake was stoked about it, or screaming like a little girl if we're being completely honest. The past two days he has been scouring the Internet for tickets and to make a trip back to Missouri to see his family too. Now we've been lobbying in between going or not because 1) money, obviously and 2) my car is a death trap waiting to happen and I don't know how it would react to the 2,000 mile round trip haul. She's sensitive like that. Love her though.

I've also gotten through the first two seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Get to the point, right.

Look at my pretty favorites!


Whenever I decide to start reproducing, I want to be just like my mom. Because she's awesome and such an inspiration.

I reaaallllyyy love that scarf. The whole point of adding it. And it must be an addition to my closet pronto.

Same with this sweater. To. Die. For.

I have a skirt that is almost exactly like this but it's blue and I still haven't worn it anywhere. So I thought this was good inspiration!

Fall Decor
Such a beautiful fire place!

This seems realistic for me and my tiny apartment. Beautiful and practical.

Yes!  Blake is strange though and actually follows instructions when he put together our bookshelf and coffee table. He's a strange one that boy.

Not true in my household but I thought it was extremely funny

We love sweet potato fries and these look awesome to make!

Too delicious!! Must have all of the cookies.

  For the Home
I'm still looking around for how to decorate about our bed and I thought this is super adorable and natural looking. Or even for my future dream home!

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. The cookies look delicious and I love the Trick or Treat garland! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I love these decor ideas, especially the lettered mason jars! And obviously those cookies look insanely delicious :)