Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! | Friday Favorites

 It is Halloween, friends! A day that has frightened me since I was a child.

Not joking. Halloween and all things scary makes me want to cry. When in elementary school all of the boys would dress up as scary characters. Thankfully my Mom was the parent chaperone for our Halloween parties every single year and then she would calm me down with cookies and a juice box. Moms are sweet like that :)

Also, last week while I was in Missouri, I got to do a guest post on both Life with Lolo and Melanie Gets Married!

I've decided to do Halloween themed Friday Favorites because, well, why the heck not??

Classic Mean Girls. And I actually think all of the ones in the Santa outfits are men... At least one of them are anyways.
Baby Top Gun!
So original and I don't think I've ever seen anyone do a costume like this. As If!
Hehehehe. I love dog costumes the most.

Especially when I'm in Florida and still going to the beach. It's really strange to me and unnatural.
I say yes! Or if you're walking around with your kids, every adult should offer a shot or Halloween themed drink for the parents and then candy for the kids. Everyone wins!

Would be super cute on a wine glass too.

Because who doesn't love glitter? Or those might be crushed candy corns. My eyes deceive me.


This actually looks doable too!

Super adorable and look delicious.

Happy Halloween all!


  1. I love those cat pumpkins, I've been eying them for a while but never tried them. They look like a lot of work. I also have a similar sign but it says "eat drink and be scary." It's perfect for the kitchen. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween! Do you guys have fun plans?

  2. Those costumes are all great! happy halloween!

  3. The chia pet dog- haha! He's cracking me up!