Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September a la Instagram

So NOW it is officially fall! I gotta say, October is probably in the running for my favorite month. Just because everything fall is occurring. The leaves change, the temperatures cool down, pumpkin everything. Now, I don't know how it really is here in the great state of Florida but we will just have to wait and see now won't we.

September was a great month full of new memories. Let's recap back on all of those thanks to my lovely Instagram photos! But seriously, where were we without Instagram for the some odd years of our lives? Just muploads? If you're stuck with bad lighting there was no filter to help you out?? AHH.


- Padre's birthday. Earlier in the month was my dad's birthday. Actually both of my parents have their birthdays in September, lucky them. And I swear I did post a picture of my mom and I but after getting a new phone it disappeared into a giant black hole of I don't know.
- Camp for a day. We packed up and headed to a nearby range and camped out with some of Blake's friends and one of the wives came with too! This is when we decided that we needed to have a girls night of our own and we can actually call ourselves friends :) Score!
- Operation: Make apartment pretty. I started actually decorating our apartment! 3 months is a good time, right?
- Life's a Beach. Taking advantage of some warmer days and Blake getting off work uber early. We haven't been back to the beach since then, no thanks to Mother Nature.

- Orange and Brew. Not that type of brew. But just a normal Saturday in our household. Watching College Football all day.
- 6 Months. Blake and I have been married for 6 months! And we even went out to dinner to celebrate :)
- Craft Me. I've been scouring my local craft store for more things to put on our walls. It's still a work in progress so nothing to update just yet.
- Celebrate Every Mile. You know those super cute medal holders that you see on Pinterest? Well I decided to make one for my sweet momma's birthday. She's been a real avid runner for the past year or so and has acquired quite the collection of running bibs and medals.

- Thursday from Hell. We started off our trip in Alabama with the Darius Rucker concert that didn't quite set the right mood for the rest of the weekend due to torrential downpour. I got to see my love Sam Hunt and got a 2 week cold from it so I can't really complain.
- Alabama Gameday. I survived. Let's just leave it at that. It was an amazing weekend and I can't wait to go again next year and keep growing our tailgate.
- Girls Night Out. FRIENDS. I made friends! Sorry. I'm pathetic. But I'm super excited about it. We already decided that we're going to be doing these girls nights more frequently so that our husbands don't have to hear us whine (not really).
- Call Me Chef. I made my first homemade meal! Just something simple but it was heavenly: BBQ Chicken Pizza :)

Also, I've decided to start working out again. Like really, really work out. I've been feeling lazy and it has not been kind to my health nor my weight.

Today I started back up my couch to 5k plan that I used my freshman year of college. Also I'm doing Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12-week training program. I did it once like 2 years ago after my surgery to get back in shape and it did wonders. I figured might as well take advantage of the home gym we have in our apartment complex. And because I'm really ambitious, I'm doing burpees too. I don't know why. Because today I started it and it was a simple 5 burpees and I felt so winded. I already wanted to quit.

Here are my goals for October. Their pretty simple. But I figured start small and easy (even though I'm doing like 3 programs).
  1. Actually finish what I started.
  2. Get comfortable running.
  3. Start building muscle mass. 
For instance: those month workout calenders you see all over Pinterest. I want to be able to finish it from beginning to end. I always get like half way through and just stop for whatever reason. I'm doing the OMG Burpees October challenge from Diary of a Fit Mommy.

I'm super excited to see where this month will take me.

 Don't you just love them? :)


  1. yes to building muscle mass!!! i'm a total lover of lifting; i hate cardio but i can lift allll day long :)

    Vodka and Soda

    1. That's how I am too! True love relationship with weights but love/hate relationship with cardio.

  2. Sounds like a great month! I just went to a painting party like you did with your friends...I loved it! So much fun!!

  3. Ahh happy 6 months anniversary. Stopping by from the linkup. Love all the pics!

  4. Yay for Criminal Minds! I love that picture. Made me laugh. :) Sounds like you overall had a great September! Good luck with your goals for October!