Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Wrapup | Mullets and Road Trips

Hello all!

This is coming live from my phone as we decided to hope in the car around 2pm yesterday afternoon and drive the 14 hours to Blake's hometown in Missouri. And I'm still in the car. And have 5 more hours left of driving. Which means I will be getting very little sleep when we arrive and not be a very happy Lauren. My poor poor husband. 
How I will feel for the next few days. 

Enough about my struggle to stay awake and help navigate our way through Arkansas right now. 

This past weekend was the annual Mullet Fest in Niceville. Mullet as in the fish and not the famous Billy Ray Cyrus hairdo. Believe me, I was just as disappointed as you are. 

The festival had music acts each night and Friday night was Blackjack Billy and Dustin Lynch and I was super excited about seeing both of them. We even got a little surprise with some cooler nighttime weather! Woo!

I've never seen either of them and I only knew like two of Blackjack Billy's songs so I was super curious about the type of show they would put on. They're kinda like a rock country band so they're not super hillbilly or pop-y like what you hear on the radio lately. In case you're curious, look up on ye olde YouTube "Booze Cruise" and "Get Some." They're definitely worth a listen!

Of course all of my pictures from the night are on my camera and not on my phone. Boo. Because then you can see how beautiful the lead singer is. 


Dustin Lynch was just as amazing and just as beautiful. Especially with his adorable dimples :) ha. Poor guy, though. Towards the end of his set, he was sing "Friends In Low Places" and he gets hit in the face with a full beer can! Who does that??? His cheek was bleeding and he ended up having to get stitches after he was done. The jacklick got away though which is a load of crap. Even a brawl lashes out because everyone around him was ratting the guy out. Like, thanks a lot douche. Now this adorable, talented man is never going to come back to this ho-bunk town. 

If that was going to happen, I'm glad that it did at the end because he only had one song left and then it was over. Which kudos to him for sticking it out because you could tell that Dustin Lynch was pissed. He was even talking to the guy while on stage saying "I'm gonna come to your work and throw shit at you!" Rightfully so!
Saturday, Blake had a double-header of coaching little league and it was a beautiful day for it too. After his games we went home for a bit before I went out shopping with one of my new friends :) I really had no intention of buying anything but once I got there I realized all of the clothes I actually wanted. Whoops, ha. 
Super good deals, though! So I can't really get upset about spending money I don't have. 
And we finished off our shopping adventures with mini-beers at Chili's 

Now, we are almost in to Missouri and still have another 300 miles to go. Hopefully no surprises happen along the way like a deer deciding to stroll out into the road. Which I'm told is super likely to happen. Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh gosh all the driving!! Hope you made it home safely!

  2. Wow!! That is a super long drive! That was a "win win" shopping trip! Love that cardigan. SO cute. Linking up with the Weekend Recap. Hope you will stop by and pay me a visit.

  3. Throwing beer-cans at the singer during a concert? That is just weird!! have a fun trip!! :)
    xox, Crystelle

  4. Love the gilmore girls reference here! haha

  5. wow that is a really long drive, and kudos to you for typing that all out on your phone! Dedication! Stopping by from Dateless link up, and I love the GG reference. I love that show and am realizing lately how much everyone else loved it too.

  6. haha oh man, I would have been bummed too! Mullet Fest sounds awesome! Good luck on your road trip :)

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!