Wednesday, November 19, 2014

6 Ways to Stay Motivated

I've mentioned a few times how I've been discouraged (here and way back here) about not finding a job yet and it's kinda been affecting my mood. And I hate myself for allowing myself to be upset about it because I like to think that I'm a very positive person. Always finding the brighter side of things no matter what it is.
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Yesterday I went to a military spouses job club that was on base and we were talking about how to keep up the motivation on finding a job and to not give up. This time of year is extremely difficult for finding a job because it's almost the end of the quarter and there aren't many available unfortunately. I'm hoping that after the new year that everything will all work out and that I will find something.

They told us there were ways for us to stay motivated through the job search and how to not feel discouraged and think there is something that we're doing wrong. As long as you are applying for jobs and searching on a daily basis, you are doing everything you can. And I have to keep reminding myself that.
6 ways to stay motivated! | Genuinely Lauren
Stick to a schedule. Get out of your pajamas and into some other clothes. Even if it's in jeans and a t-shirt. Or if you want to, yoga pants are fine too. Whatever is going to make you feel productive with your day and get things done. Set aside time to apply and search for jobs. Sticking to a schedule will help you accomplish tasks and get into a habit of your day.
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Set realistic goals. No goal is to big or too small. Whether it be setting goals for the day to accomplish, weekly, monthly, or where you would like to see yourself in a year. But be realistic about it. Set a goal that you know you can accomplish. I'm trying out starting to make daily goals and lists of things I would like to realistically get done that day and I think it'll actually work out for me.

Volunteer. I was told yesterday that it's really great to volunteer places to keep you busy. More importantly, to volunteer somewhere that is going to help you get somewhere. Somewhere that could potentially lead to gaining a job or connecting with others. Even making friends! This also helps you to get out of the house and have a little you time.

Make time for yourself. I've made a lot of time for myself by reading more. I've read over 33 books since June and I've that my own me time. I had a love for books when I was younger and I wanted to pick that back up again. I've also done more crafting - really trying to personalized and DIY my home. And also training for a half marathon. Never stop making time for yourself.

Don't stop learning. There are multiple resources that we could use to continue to learn new skills. Goodwill offers free training classes to learn programs that will help you gain employment: like QuickBooks or simple computer skills. It's just very important that even after college that we continue to learn new things and ideas that could eventually help us in the long run. And even if it doesn't help employment wise, you'll never regret learning something new.

Have an accountability buddy. Having a friend keep you motivated along the way will help you greatly. A lot of people use this for goals that they wish to accomplish and have said that this helps them get closer than they ever thought they could do on their own. They can also give you motivation along the way to keep going and achieve what you set out to do.

These could work for staying motivated for anything, not just trying to find a job. You may have other steps that work for you and that's awesome! But however you do it, don't lose hope and stay motivated to reach your goal!

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  1. I think these are all great ways to stay motivated as well as great ways to take care of yourself. Thanks so much for linking up with me!!

  2. Great tips! I know when I was looking for a job right out of college it was this time of year and I snagged a seasonal job (at Bath and Body Works) for the holidays. They ended up liking me so much they kept me on after the season! I know a retail job probably isn't the dream, but working retail around the holidays can be really fun and keep you busy - even if just for a few months and a little extra spending money. Just a thought :)