Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Thankful

I know this is like two days late (read: no internet for two days), but I still wanted to share what I'm thankful for not only on Thanksgiving - but on a daily basis :)
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My sweet, sweet husband. I am thankful for my country redneck for taking a chance and choosing to marry a suburban yuppie from the North. For accepting everything about me. And being my guinea pig for all of my homemade cooking attempts. You are truly one in a million :)
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The fam. Thank you for all of your support through it all - college, marriage, and my new life in Florida. And thank you for always keeping me in the loop of things and making me feel like I'm still with you! I wouldn't trade you four fools for anyone.
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Florida. I am so blessed to be living where I do. For our first home together, it is a great adventure every day.
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Home and Florida Friends. I'm thankful for the friends I have back at home and the ones that I've made here in my new home. Being away from everyone and in a new area isn't easy, but I'm thankful for the new friends I've made that have made this transition that much easier.
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And for your entertainment pleasure; amusing myself after cooking/prepping for our Thanksgiving feast for 6 hours.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate tons of food!

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