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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld Book Review | Genuinely Lauren
This read has been a long time coming. I don't even remember when I got Uglies, but I knew when I was moving that I wanted to bring it along so that I could put it on my new bookshelf and actually read it. And I have to say, I loved it so much!

Uglies is another great dystopian type of book; similar to Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Giver. They created this world where everyone, up until the age of 16, would be deemed physically ugly. And they would embrace that. Because it was the norm for everybody. But on the child's 16th birthday, they would undergo an operation to become Pretty. And it wasn't like everyone was uniquely pretty in their own way. It was a carbon copy Pretty. Every community had to follow this carbon copy for the "Pretty" operation and be dubbed a "New Pretty." And as they would grow older they would have operations to become "Middle Pretty" and "Old Pretty" or what they called "Crusties."

They story follows Tally as the narrator for the three months before her 16th birthday. She makes a new friend Shay, because both of them we're the youngest of their group of friends. They learn new tricks with each other and gain a friendship. Up until the week before both of their birthdays, Shay wants to run away to a rumored place called The Smoke. And Shay wanted Tally to run away with her. Tally decided not to because all she ever wanted was to become pretty and join her best friend in New Pretty Town.

But on her 16th birthday, before her operation began, she was told that she needed to bring Shay back and help expose The Smoke or else she could never become Pretty. The rest of the novel follows Tally's journey to The Smoke and her attempt to bring Shay back. But in the process, she ends up falling in love with someone and with The Smoke. And like all good dystopian books, she finds out what really happens during the Pretty operation that ends up changing her views and opinions on becoming what she always wanted, to be Pretty.

This books is extremely fantastic. Even if dystopian style books aren't exactly your thing, I would still recommend reading it. Scott Westerfeld does an amazing job capturing this new world and still able to keep it interesting and intriguing throughout the entire book.

I'm super excited to get my hands on the remaining books of this series (Pretties, Specials, and Extras). And I loved the first one of the series so much that I want to add it to my own personal library. So if anyone wants to be uber nice or anything, I won't refuse the offer.

Kidding. Maybe :)
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  1. My little sister has been telling me to read this book for ages - I'm going to go steal it off her shelf the first chance I get now!

  2. Someone else who has read Uglies -- yay! I read this book a couple of years ago, and thought the concept of the story was really interesting. Pretties and Specials are both really good as well :)

  3. Oh, I loved the Uglies series! I read them back in junior high. Good choice!

  4. I have this on my to-read but have heard mixed things about it. I'd probably like them, so maybe I'll check them out after reading your review :)

  5. I've been a fan of the Uglies trilogy since it first came out when I was in high school! I own the whole trilogy, but not Extras, although I've read it. I honestly think they're much better than the Hunger Games or Divergent trilogies.