Thursday, November 13, 2014

We Were Liars

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Ah, yes. Another book review you say. Well, like I've said multiple times (maybe only once), is that I really love to read - you can see that here, here, and at the top of the page. And this book was a super quick read so I don't necessarily feel bad of doing a book review three weeks in a row now. I might just make this a regular thing now since I read so much. And side note - I'm only 18 books away from my goal of reading 50 books by the end of the year! Let it be known that I started that goal in June when I moved down here so I don't know if I'm walking the line of love reading or need to get out more. I'll choose the former.

So, quick read doesn't necessarily mean great read. I was a little on the fence on We Were Liars. The way they chapters were written was a little off in my opinion - where some of them were one page and other was like 10 or something directly after it. It was extremely slow in the beginning of the book so it was hard to keep my attention and didn't really understand the point of the book.

In my opinion it seemed that there were a lot of points of the book that might've been the main point of the book. For instance, that everyone didn't really reveal their emotions. That they had to be "normal" and not show that they are struggling with whatever is going on in their lives. Which for each of the Sinclair daughters seemed that they had issues of their own but wanted to appear that they had the perfect life - which they we're nowhere near.

If you don't know what this book is really about, basically it is about the rich, privileged Sinclair family that spends every summer on their own private island. Among the Sinclair family, their are four children that begin their own little group with each other and live in this paradise. The story is told by Cadence, who is beginning to retain her memory after an accident occurred during the summer when she was 15. Nobody in the family will tell her what happened because they all want her to remember on her own - and sure enough she does.

I have to admit, I was extremely shocked with how the book ended with how Cadence ended up remember what happened in her accident. It was definitely a major twist. So kudos to Emily Lockhart for that amazing ending. But the fact that it took me all the way till the last few chapters to actually figure out the real main point of the book, doesn't sit well with me. And the fact that the whole book frustrated me to no end.

Others may have a different opinion than me. But, I just don't really like books that drag on and then slap you in the face with words, so to speak. I didn't love this book, but then again I didn't exactly hate it either. I would suggest you read it though just so you could form your own opinion about it and/or if this is more your style of novel.

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  1. I need a good book to read. This might not be it, I see :). Thanks for the review. Maybe I will check it out.

  2. I love that you also love to read! I haven't read this but now you've got me intrigued--even with saying you aren't sure how you feel about it!

  3. This does sound like an interesting premise for a book…I think it's one you'd have to check out in order to make a decision on how you feel about it. I'll add it to my goodreads list!

  4. I read this book over the summer and really was not a fan- I can't even remember why I didn't care for it, but even with the surprise ending I just wasn't very impressed by the writing style. Great job on your reading goal-- you're so close to the end! I hit my goal this week- though it was only 35 :)