Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Wrapup


I got an awesome surprise from this past weekend. Well, mostly Saturday. I got the entire day to do whatever the heck I wanted and have it be all about me. Those things don't come around that often. Even though I can have a me day every other Saturday because Blake would rather sit on the couch and watch college football - and I don't blame him. But this past Saturday I got the whole apartment to myself! Blake and his friends decided at the very last minute to go up to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama vs. Mississippi State game and have an all men weekend.
 photo 11175.png
They got caught doing the Heisman with the cheez it!

And by last minute I mean that they decided Friday during the day that this was going to happen. They planned on leaving in the middle of the night Friday because Blake was getting his very first tattoo (tattoo virgin no more!) and then that way they could go straight to college gameday in the morning and then start tailgating. Instead, they decided "hey, let's not wake up at 2 in the morning, let's just leave right away." Men.
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How awesome is his tattoo?? I couldn't be happier about it if it was on my own skin.

So, they ended up leaving I think around 11 that night and headed up to Tuscaloosa. Crazy guys. So I got a full day and a half to be by myself. And it wasn't too shabby. I did the normal grocery shopping. Dropped off a garbage bag full of old clothes at Goodwill. Then I got a little curious as to what they would have so I perused around a little bit. I figured since I donated clothes that I could buy something there too. I totally hit the jack pot with the books they had and bought 5 of my favorites. Best way to build my own personal library is to hit up Goodwill and any other discount book stores.

I also bought my Christmas decorations and hit up Starbucks to try out their holiday drinks. And what better time to do that during their buy one - get one free special this past weekend! Chestnut Praline Latte and Gingerbread Latte.
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My little me weekend ended at about 2 am when Blake and one of his friends came strolling in from Tuscaloosa; where we then proceeded to sleep in until 11 the next morning. We had a lazy Sunday spent on the couch finishing season 1 of Sons of Anarchy. Much, much needed.

I had to work earlier this morning at a temp job and am just now starting to get the free time to write. But, tomorrow I'll be sharing my new attempt of cooking! Get excited. I know I'm still jazzed about how delicious it tasted :)
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