Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Wrapup

Good Monday | Weekend Wrapup @ Genuinely Lauren
Hello! Hope you've all had a super fantastic weekend. I got to a little bit of everything this weekend: date night, hang out with friends and have a snuggly, lazy Sunday due to in part of a storm that took over.

Friday we did dinner and a movie date night at Chipotle and saw Mockinjay Part 1. I got to pick what we got to do kinda like an IOU from Blake going to Alabama with his friends last weekend. Guys, if you love The Hunger Games movies or books, you HAVE to see this. It was soooo good. And it followed along with the first half of the book really well. I kinda thought that they jumped right into it in the beginning but it was still very good. Blake jumped so high out of his seat at the end of the movie I may have laughed a little too loudly in the theater and continued to make fun of him when the movie was over.

We even walked around the mall a little before the movie and they already had their Christmas decorations up. If they would keep up their lights all year long, I wouldn't be mad about it because it was was very pretty.
Weekend Wrapup @ Genuinely Lauren
Saturday I did the usual grocery shopping and people we're already starting to buy their turkey for Thursday. I'm refraining from buying my supplies just yet because I don't know what I'm making or for how many people.  I actually got a workout in in the morning despite my ingrown toenail. Bleh. I'm never accidentally cutting my toenails too short ever again. But good news is that it's almost fully healed.

Later that night we hung out with a bunch of Blake's friends from work and one of my wife friends. We both just decided to hang out with one of the guy's son while the rest of the them we're out in the garage talking cars. Me, my wife friend, and the son all bonded over watching Pocahontas II. I forgot how much I love that movie!
Team John Smith | Weekend Wrapup @ Genuinely Lauren
John Smith is so dreamy. But John Rolfe... Oh, man.

Sunday was super relaxing. It was raining all through the night and all day so we got to sleep in super late which was so nice.
Weekend Wrapup @ Genuinely Lauren
On Friday I mentioned that I got some exciting things going on. GUESS WHAT??!! Wednesday, Laura and I are debuting our first link-up of #HashtagHumpDay! Join us on Wednesday and #hashtag the Schmidt out of anything you want to post! Confessions, currently, or just your normal every day thoughts :)
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Hope you'll all join us on Wednesday! Share with your friends! And have a fantastic Monday!

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  1. I wouldn't be mad if that tree was lit up all yr round either. It's gorgeous! Now if only I had skills like that when it came to my own. ha!

  2. I went and saw Mockingjay part one this weekend too! It was awesome! I really want to re-read the book now though, because I kept wondering if it was following it well or not... Anyways, it sucks we have to wait another year for part 2!!!

  3. I can't wait to see Mockingjay! E just told me this weekend he intends to start taking me on more dates when he comes home from Georgia for good, and I intend to hold him to it!

  4. I can't wait to see Mockingjay! We will probably go in December when the crowds have started to die down.

  5. That tree is gorgeous! I'm so excited to see Mockingjay, I'm hoping to squeeze it in over Thanksgiving weekend!

  6. That tree is perfection! Absolutely GORGEOUS!
    Can't wait to linkup for your Wednesday Linkup! Fun fun!

    Showered With Design

  7. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend, those are the best kind :) I wish they would leave the lights up year round, there is just something magical about them!

  8. Chipotle is always a good choice! I've been hesitant about seeing Mockingjay. I loved the other two movies and the books, but Mockingjay (the book) was my least favorite. And I'm kind of annoyed that they broke the last movie up into two parts. Glad to hear you liked it tho, so maybe I'll go see it!
    Excited for your link up!!