Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 Recap | May.June.July.August

We're back for round two of the 2014 Recap! You can look at round one here if you're really interested in what went on in the first four months of this magical year (hint: I got married! :) ) That's reason enough, right? Now let's check out what happened the second third of my year of 2014.

Spoiler alert: I got a lot of sun.

  - I had my last and final Sigma Kappa formal and brought my best friend as my date since my new and lovely husband couldn't get leave. And I got to wear one of my mom's old dress from the 90s that fit like a glove!
  - I went home for my sisters junior prom. Can you believe that she is only 17??
  - Celebrated Mothers day with a hike with the pups
  - I graduated college!
  - We celebrated Father's Day early at the race track, which we do every year. What better way to celebrate how awesome your dad is than betting his money on horses :)
  - Started our race weekend with The Original 5k in Chicago

  - Continued our race weekend with the Lincoln Park Zoo 10k in Chicago
  - I drove the 16 hours down to my new home in Florida
 That's the view of our pool. Dreamy, right? :)
  - Spent a lot of time in the sun
  - Went to a Minor League baseball game! Go Blue Wahoos!

  - Started back up blogging! Hey girl, heeeyyyy!
  - Spent some more time out in the sun
  - Went to the grand opening of Chipotle in Destin. Yes, it was quite a big deal for me #addict
  - Celebrated 4th of July with some of Blake's friends
  - Crashed my extended family's vacation in Panama City Beach
  - Went to a few Disney movies in the park date nights. My childlike soul was extremely happy with these dates.
  - Spent some more time in the sun
  - Blake got an early promotion in the Air Force!
  - One of Blake's hometown buddies graduated from Army Basic Training so we went to his graduation at Fort Benning, GA
  - We went to the Chik-fil-a Kick-off at the Georgia Dome over Labor Day weekend; Alabama vs. West Virginia

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  1. Aww hi sister!! I didn't know you were also a sigma kappa! <3 What a big year you had! <3

  2. Aww, your year seemed so packed. I love looking back on the past year too! It's amazing how much can happen in a year :)

    Checking you from the linkup. If you have a sec, I'd love for you to come over my blog or get connected on social media, if you like.