Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November a la Instagram

November was filled with lots of Q-T time with the hubs and clearly coffee. Nothing to complain about on my end, though! I got a little recap of all of the events from November courtesy of my Instagram for you all :)
1. First holiday Starbucks cup of the season! Totally gram-worthy.
2. Blake's friend came for a day visit and we walked on the pier on Okaloosa Island and casually feared for my life.
3. Had a relaxing evening with my new holiday socks, wine, and books
4. Got a surprise package from my mom of a sweater, holiday socks, and my beloved boots!
5. Picked up some new kitchen decor from Big Lots! And now I might be more in love with their selection than Target's.
6. Celebrated Veteran's Day with a special day off with Blake and turned it into a date night
7. We got engaged a year ago in November! Still obsessed with the pictures my best friend took for us. She's quite talented!
8. My best friend and partner in crime, Kate's birthday and turned the big 2-4! Into adult age.
9. Blake went away with his friends for the Alabama vs. Mississippi State game so I got to have a personal day all for me filled with a trip to Goodwill for new books for my personal library and BOGO holiday lattes!
10. Tried out a new dish, Chili and Corn Bread and it was delicious!
11. I went to a military spouse job club and felt so motivated afterwards for finding a job and keeping myself busy.
12. Trying to keep the faith and always staying positive around here!
13. Rainy, cool day in Florida called for bringing in the colorful fall flowers in the home.
14. Keeping myself entertained while cooking for 6 hours the day before Thanksgiving 
15. Our first Thanksgiving together!
16. Started decorating our apartment for the holidays!

And don't forget anyone who missed us last week for mine and Laura's new link-up #HashtagHumpDay, you should join us this week! Join us tomorrow for all of the hashtag fun!
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  1. Love all of these photos--looks like November was a pretty fun month for you :)

  2. Such fun pictures! Glad you had a great month!

  3. November looks amazing! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures!

  4. What a fun month you've had. I didn't realise you were American at first and when I saw your 'holiday' sock I was thinking well she won't need those. It's stinking hot here :) Thanks for sharing and linking up. #teamIBOT

  5. I feel like coffee after seeing all your coffee pics :)