Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wedding Night

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I picked this book up from Lauren Conrad's Summer Reading List and even though I'm a few months late on reading it, it is hilarious!

Lottie is out with her boyfriend Richard at a restaurant where he plans to ask an "important question." While Lottie thought it was a proposal, it ended up being about taking a vacation together. Instead of staying with Richard, she decides to end her relationship and ends up reconnecting with an old summer romance that occurred 15-years ago  - a whole summer that changed her life.

And instead of casually dating to see if the spark is still there, they skip right past dating and go right into getting married.

Lottie's sister, Fliss, likes to call these rushed decisions her "Unfortunate Choices." And instead of being happy for her, she decides to single handily sabotage Lottie's honeymoon so that they get an annulment and forget about her "unfortunate choice."

Sophie Kinsella is absolutely hilarious throughout this entire novel. They way she thought up this story is absolute genius and creativity. Like, who comes up with a story to be revolved around a wedding night gone wrong? I'm sure that we've heard about wedding night's gone wrong from the media or friends. But the fact that Sophie decided to create an entire novel around a purposely sabotaged wedding night speaks to how writers come up with these insane stories.

There we're multiple times where I was laughing so much that Blake actually got interested in what I was reading. It's that big of a deal. Pick up this book! I would give this a TEN!
You know you love the movie :) (Excuse Mr. Billy Bob's language)

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  1. Oooh! You totally have me intrigued now! Definitely going to download this to my Kindle soon, if not now! :) thanks for the great review!!

  2. My first thought was "there is NO WAY I would ever skip the dating part". Then you go on to say that her sister sabotaged it. Then I was thinking "what a jerk for not letting them give it a chance". Sounds like a good read!

  3. Just found your blog!! And so glad I did! I MUST read more this year and you have great recommendations!! Thanks!!