Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Wrapup

Anyone else feel this way especially on Mondays??
Happy Monday, folks!

You know what is the absolute worst? When your internet doesn't work. I might sound like a broken record because how can I blog with no internet?? Or really do anything lately which is kinda sad. We get free WiFi through our apartment and allll last week and the weekend we had no working internet. And what's more frustrating is that all I can really do is tell our property manager about the problem. And I feel like whenever I'm notifying them about a problem that I'm the only one experiencing it in the whole building and I feel a little bad. So now I have working internet for the time being. We'll see for how long I have to hold off on getting my own modem because apparently that's the only solution to my "problem" since it's a "community WiFi." 

Sorry. I'll get off my soap box right now. 

Back to our usual Monday scheduling.
So what do I do when I have no Internet? I craft my heart out. I actually bought the supplies for this maybe 2 months ago and painted it gold a month ago. This is going to be apart of our collage/gallery wall, along with this, in our living room once I get frames and print out pictures to put in said frames. I did all of this on Friday before I had to go to my temp job later that night.

Saturday I got to donate blood out at a local high school and I forgot how much it feels uncomfortable. Like that you can actually feel the blood coming out of your veins. Quite graphic. I know. But that's how it felt.
I even got a sticker and everything! I told Blake to me nice to me that day because that's what the sticker said.

There were a lot of events going on at the high school including a Bazaar/craft fair type of thing. I've never been to one of them so I decided to check it out and there we're soooo many cute Christmas items! I really tried to refrain from buying anything but I felt that as a fellow crafter that I just had to support some of these talented ladies. It didn't hurt that a lot of the items I bought we're super affordable and not overly priced. So I bought a JOY block stand and two ornaments for our non-existent tree. One of them had to be customized with mine and Blake's name on it and our wedding date so I'm waiting on that to arrive.
Saturday night, Blake had to work for a few hours so I hung out at Starbucks on base and waited so that we could go straight to dinner with one of his friends to watch the football games and indulge in wings. Have any of you tried Starbucks' new Candy Cane Frappacino?? It is SO good! And I got a cute little sample of it along with my Chestnut Praline.
Sunday we made it into a movie day with some Redbox movies. I got four of them and I was only 3 for 4 of good movie picks! I say that's a success.

p.s. Does anyone know how to get ink marks off the fridge?? The pen that stays on our fridge exploded and this is the end result after scrubbing endlessly.
And don't forget anyone who missed us last week for mine and Laura's new link-up #HashtagHumpDay, you should join us this week! Join us on Wednesday for all of the hashtag fun!
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  1. Is that a dry erase pen? At work when it happens I get it off with alcohol. I love the Christmas items you picked up, very cute :) The new sign for your gallery wall is adorable as well!

  2. Boo no internet, but hooray for crafting! That Joy sign is beautiful!

    That pin is exactly how I felt this morning.

  3. LOVE that best day sign!!

  4. The hash tag link up photo is hilarious! He makes New Girl for me!

  5. Having no internet connection is the worst! Stinks even more when you work from home & have to get out of your pjs & head to the local coffee shop. Haha! Can you tell I've experienced this before? :(

  6. Have you tried a Magic Eraser? Love those things! lol I feel like that every morning in the winter because I can feel the chill coming in through the windows and have no desire to leave my warm comfy bed. Looks like a successful weekend :)

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!

  7. Monday was ridiculous. My weekend was LOADED with stuff that had to be done so it didn't even feel like a weekend. Today I am just exhausted after all day training yesterday and today. Maybe I can get to bed early tonight so Wed. is a little better.