Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why I Suck At Being A Girl

I've always been a tom boy ever since I was a young tot.

I would much rather be playing sports when I was younger than doing girly things. My hair was always in a ponytail. I had straight across bangs up until 6th grade. I would wear comfy or jogging/athletic pants rather than wearing cute clothes (even though my mom said I was still super cute; but I guess moms are just like that)

Except for shoot a gun, but he did teach my how to throw a punch.

Even though I've grown up and have become somewhat of a girl, I still feel like I suck at being one. And here's why...

  1. I cannot tweeze my eyebrows. My sister can vouch for me because she tells me every time I'm at home.
  2. My makeup consists of only mascara, if I am wearing any, and has always been like that since I discovered makeup in 7th grade.
  3. SPORTS. I love playing sports. Watching sports. Learning about sports. In fact my dream job is to work in the sports industry.
  4. I never knew how to do my hair. I finally I got the hang of it my sophomore year of college
  5. Aren't girls supposed to be really good at cleaning? If so, I'm terrible at cleaning. But this could also attribute to my being lazy
  6. I actually hate shopping and I don't know to pair items together with accessories. My idea of an accessory is a scarf, and I have a ton of those bad boys.
Now that I've given you reasons why I suck at being a girl, I still am a girl and a few things could prove that.

  1. My favorite color is pink. I know, stereotypical girl color.
  2. Monograms. I'm completely obsessed
  3. My crafting skills. I don't want to toot my own horn but my creative and crafting skills are pretty bangin'. My thinking is, the more glitter the better. Am I right?
  4. After my ability to do hair quickly vanished, I figured out how to use a straightener into a curling iron and fell in love with a teasing comb. The higher the hair the closer to God? Exactly
  5. I love wearing dresses and maxi skirts more than life itself. Moreso because it flatters my body type way more than jeans and a T-shirt, but if I could I would much rather wear a dress than any other item of clothing.
  6. Like all little girls (and big girls) I'm a Disney Princess. Well not really, but I wish I could be so I guess that makes me a girl.
There are probably many reasons why I suck at being a girl and how I'm kinda decent at being one, but I felt like 6 reasons on each end were good enough. And a twofer for you, all 12 really describe me, so booyah!

Can anyone relate to me on this one? I feel like I can't be alone.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wrapup | Terrific Lady Day!

Am I the only one who gets super excited whenever I get to decide what we do for a day?? I didn't think so. 

Well it's a super big deal in our home when we get to do something I want to do. Mostly because whatever I want to do doesn't sound very satisfying to the Mr. But I was lucky enough to get two terrific lady days! Whoop Whoop!

If you don't know what Terrific Lady Day is, or haven't caught the reference from The League, here's a definition from Urban Dictionary:

"A special day that a man gives to his significant other (girlfriend, fiance, wife) in which he does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Most of the time, this is done to fix a screw-up, or obtain good graces in preparation for a future screw-up."

Friday's Terrific Lady Day included seeing Up in the park. And it was absolutely perfect throughout the whole evening! It cooled down to a wopping 88 degrees, we got an awesome parking spot close by, and got a super nice spot underneath a tree. If anyone's been to a movie in the park with a lot of children around, you know how rare all of these instances are to occur. So Friday was an all around win for me, and obviously for Blake because he got to hang out with me, duh!

Saturday I got to have another Terrific Lady Day, well really half of a day, and we went shopping! First, I went to go get the car checked to see if there was a coolant leak or something. All they did was add fluids and didn't even check anything. Side bar: why is it that mechanics think women don't know what were talking about when it comes to car problems? When I told the guy about what the issue was all he said was that I'm probably overreacting. EXCUSE ME. I think I would know if my car was leaking some sort of fluid, mister. Okay, back to my Terrific Lady Day. 

We went out to the Destin Commons so that I could find something to wear for both of the Alabama football games were going to, one being this Saturday. Even though Blake was basically complaining the entire time, he was still a champ because he said everything I tried on was pretty. Even the girl who worked at Apricot Lane, where both beautiful outfits were purchased, commended him for coming along. He's a real sweet guy for doing what his lady loves. But, aren't they just so pretty??
Saturday night we went out to Crestview and had a little party with a lot of Blake's friends and I even made friends with one of the spouses! Yay, me! 

Sunday was spent what didn't get done that week, grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning up what I could. We also finished up watching The League on Netflix, which was a super sad day in our house. Even though I understand why they ended filming the show, basically because everyone in the league had a terrible season so there was no point to keep making more episodes. But it is extremely hilarious, all 21 minutes of it, and I highly suggest watching it.

I am definitely looking forward to this coming weekend. We're taking a road trip to Fort Benning and then The Chick-fil-A Kickoff game at the Georgia Dome!

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites | Disney Love

Happy Friday one and all! In the summer time in western Florida we have movie nights out by the landing and the beach on Fridays. AND the best part is they're Disney/Pixar movies. Holleeerrr. With the summer winding down means that my Disney movie nights out on the beach are coming to an end. Womp womp.

Tonight's feature: Up!
The greatest love story to happen in the first few minutes of the film, and all without words!

Anyways, here's what I loved this week:

I've established this many of times: forever a child at heart.



Hehehe. It shouldn't be funny but it is.

SO TRUE! Just let my hair be as majestic as a Disney Princess.

That's right.

Bring me fall so I can start wearing all of the clothes I own: boots, scarves, and cardigans.

For the Home
These pillows are to die for, right? I'm still in the market for throw pillows and I would love to have these if they weren't so stinkin' expensive.

TV Show
Blake and I have been watching The League on Netflix and I don't think I've laughed so much in my life. If you haven't already, because I know I'm late to the party, go watch it! I know we're going to be really upset when it's all over.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dorm Makeover

For the past 17 years of my life, around this time of year is when I would start planning my first day of school outfit, getting all of my school supplies together, decorating my locker, exchanging class schedules, setting up my dorm room, and preparing for sorority recruitment. This is the first August that I haven't had to go to classes since before 1997.

Before I started my freshman year, I thought maybe my future freshman bestie freshman roommate and I would be all cute and match everything in our room. Didn't exactly go down like that. Pretty much the only thing I brought that we shared was the microwave and mini-fridge. Everything else I was on my own. And that goes as well for deciding how to decorate and organize my dorm room.

As a freshman I thought the way I decorated my half of the dorm room was actually pretty creative.

 Pictures shaped in the form of an I for Illinois!#totalfreshmanmove

And if you walked in our room you could clearly see which side was mine and which was my roommates by the amount of crap stuff I had and how little she had. Whatevs. I'm kindof a horder and I hate bare walls. Sue me.

If only I had Pinterest to do my 'pre college research' of how to decorate my new space in the best way possible, these are a few ways that I would do it. If I was able to decorate my dorm room all over again:

 Because the bedding is to die for. And of course, the monogram.

 A little bedside cubby instead of using the windowsill like I had to.

 I just love the way this half of the room is set up. With the colors and having the futon underneath the bed. Super cozy!

 Typical college dorm desk, but set up very classy with Lilly and monograms.

 Obsessed with these colors together. And probably always will be. Having the huge monogram and a little bookshelf right above the bed.

 Again, I always wanted a little space beneath my bed. But the way my specific dorm was set up wasn't realistic. One of my friends in a different dorm had something just like this and I was so envious of it.

Classy decorations without being too overbearing. I might still have to learn about this.

For now, I am using all of my new ideas for decorating and applying them to my apartment. Like I've said before, I hate bare walls, and right now every wall in my apartment is bare. Clearly it's still a work in progress. But it's getting there!

To new college students, you have to live in that small space for nine months. Make the space your own style and maximize it as much as possible! When in doubt, Pinterest :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Guilty Pleasures

I'm a sucker for puns. I'm sure everyone is, but pair that with animal puns and/or animal humor, you have the most hilarious creation in the Internet universe! I mean, am I right?? You bet I am.

When I got my iPhone like two years ago, I was too excited about the emojis and all of the possibilities of using them in every text. Maybe a little bit too much. But, I digress.

This month on #TOTALSOCIAL with Helene in Between and Venus Trapped in Mars is talking all about the guilty pleasures. And I'm sure you're guessing that mine is animal humor/puns. Duh, guys.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Thanks to good ol' Pinterest, I will show you the lovely humor/puns that tickle my fancy.

Also, if you've seen Texts from Dog or Texts from Mittens, you know exactly how hilarious all of these are.

 The hawk one is the best :)

 And his face, he looks so focused!

 No pun here, but just too, too funny

 Get it?? Because they have 9 haha

 I bopped him on his head!

This one just gets me every time :)

And my absolute favorite from Texts from Dog. But they're all pretty great.

I have a lot more guilty pleasures, like music from the 90s, boy bands, and all crime shows. Speaking of which...

I am sure, scratch that, I'm positive I'm not the only one who can't get enough of animal humor. Only because I send them to my family all the time. But that's neither here nor there.

They are hilarious. Right? Right.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

I loved this weekend. I loved it a lot. There wasn't anything specific about it that made it super special. But, I got to spend time with my husband. Which is what made it special.

On Friday, I did exactly what I said I would do on my Friday post. I sat myself by the pool, got my tan on, and even finished my reading Confessions of a Party Crasher, which I actually really enjoyed. I didn't know how I would feel about it in the first half of it, and the ending was actually very predictable. But if you are looking for something different, I recommend it! It was pretty entertaining. Reading by the pool is actually my favorite thing to do here. And I will be so sad for when the pool closes soon! :(

Thankfully, Blake had the same idea as me and we hung out by the pool for the rest of the night. Along with some drinks, Little Caesers Pizza, and one of Blake's friends, It was a very nice relaxing Friday night. And I actually prefer doing this than going out to the bar. Call me an old soul, but there is nothing better than spending an evening in my own apartment. #homebody

Saturday Blake had to go into work for a few hours so that left me to go grocery shopping and treated myself to a little craft shopping trip. I have to say, there is nothing better than going into a craft store. It's my little stress reliever. Just roaming around the aisles thinking about all of the possibilities! Also a reason why I go by myself because all Blake will do is complain and ask if we can leave yet. You don't rush the process of creativity!

Saturday night included my relaxation while Blake went to do his Fantasy Football draft. 

Not that I know anything about it, but this is all I here now and probably will for the rest of the season. Once he came home, it was another evening spent playing pool and I got super classy and sipped on some wine. Side bar: a lot of the bars down here are beer and wine only, which I found super strange but not enough to complain about it.

Sunday, early in the morning, we hit the road up past the Alabama border to pick up these babies.

That's right. Now we are going to TWO Alabama games this season. Luckily we'll be in Atlanta that weekend for one of Blake's hometown friends graduating from boot camp at Fort Benning, so you can say this is pretty convenient! Even though the seats aren't that great, the opportunity to just go to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game is pretty awesome. Now I just have to find another game day outift. Le sigh.

Quite the view, huh? I obviously had to take a pictures during our mini road trip. Or as Blake says it "OOH! Take a picture of that sh!t!" 

Happy Monday! Mine will be spent crafting away to start making our little apartment look like a home :)

 Link up with The Rachel Way and B Loved Boston  

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites

I think the only exciting thing about my week this week was that I finished another TV show on Netflix. I know. I'm a party animal. It was Pretty Little Liars and it actually took me a while to finish it. Even though Netflix only has four seasons of PLL, I've at least (semi) caught up with the rest of the universe and know a little bit about what is going on. 

Another exciting thing this week, I'm about to finish the Divergent series because my library has finally let me borrow both Insurgent and Allegiant. YEAH! And I'm close to being able to read The Fault of Our Stars being number 9 on the holding list of 100 total excited readers. 

I know. My life is super exciting. You don't have to tell me twice.

Oh, whale. Onto the lovely Friday's post of my favorites this week. 


Disney humor always gets me

Happy Shark Week!

I'm sticking with the game day thing I've had going on for the past few Fridays. I'm still in the market for a red dress for the Alabama game. If I wasn't getting the scarf my little heart desires here, then I would totally be getting this one.

I actually do this and I have no idea why

For the Home

Even though I already listed of ideas for my bedroom, I stumbled upon these beauties as well. Especially the first one, I am totally picturing that in the corner of our family room.

Have a great weekend! I know I will, starting with sitting by the pool :)