Thursday, January 1, 2015

December a la Instagram

It's the first post of the New Year! So what better way than to recap the last month of 2014.

I know, I know.

I really should be listing my goals on how I'm going to make 2015 the greatest and mayybeee try to top 2014. But that's not how I roll. Really it will be all laid out tomorrow because I still need to think about said goals.

So, let's recap the good ol' month of December thanks to the lovely Instagram
1. I made another wreath for the holiday season! Full of all of my favorite things: Glitter and Monograms
2. Found some beautiful decor for our bathroom. Thank you thrift stores!
3. The fact that I could still wear a maxi skirt (and actually dressed in real clothes) in December astounded me and deserved an OOTD
4. More crafts for my soon to be gallery wall! Maybe I'll actually put it together with my first paycheck.
5. I donated blood and found some more holiday decor at the local bazaar/craft fair at the high school.
6. Reminisced on the loss of an old teammate.
7. Blake had a rough day at work so I wanted to make his day a little sweeter with some homemade cookies! :)
8. I got my new coffee sleeve from Melanie's Etsy Shop! I got one for my sister for Christmas and obviously had to get one for myself.
9. Typical coffee and my daily read pic.
10. I got my new headwrap in that I got on Cyber Monday!
11. Celebrated Blake's 21st birthday.
12. I went home for a week during the holidays! Full of lots of food and discovering that Red Robin has alcoholic milkshakes.
13. Blake and I exchanged Christmas presents and he picked me up at the airport with roses :)
14. I recapped all of my hometown fun!
15. Celebrated the new year with my love

Hope you all had a great new year!

Thanks for following along with me these past 6 months. I can't wait to see what this next year holds!

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  1. Hopping over from the Bloglovin' Blog Hop. I made my first three wreaths (burlap) over Christmas break. I actually did a pretty good job! Two of them were gifts, and they were good enough to be gifts!

  2. I love knit/cloth coffee sleeves. Who would've thought such a thing was needed in the world??
    Happy New Year, Lauren!

  3. Hello! Just came over via the Bloglovin' Blog Hop. Love the knitted coffee cup sleeves - better than the plastic ones! Happy new year.

  4. All of your recaps like this make me want to be extra crafty since you make such cute stuff!!
    Can't wait to see what you're making next!! :)