Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Favorites | 2015 Goals

With it being the first Friday of 2015, and because five seems like a nice number, that I would list all of my goals/dreams for this great year of ours!

I'd like to note that I had 2014 up there for a solid 5 minutes. Hey, I'm only human!

1. Commitment: Stick to a plan || I don't have a problem planning out what I want to do. I'm very organized in that aspect. I'll search and search for the best workout plan or something related to fitness. Write it all out. And hopefully that I'll continue to actually do it. That's where I lack. I'm good with doing the first week or so of any fitness plan but I can't seem get anywhere past that.

I want to be healthier in 2015. Not only in being consistent in working out, but to also eating better and not eating so many sweets (I really like to bake). I am running my 2nd half marathon in April and would like to finish in a better, more reasonable, amount of time than my first race. I just want to feel healthier and better about myself.

2. Growth: Grow the blog || These past 6 months of blogging have been a dream. I love coming to this space and talking about our new adventures as newlyweds, sharing my attempts at cooking, how much of a book worm I am, and how-tos with DIY.

But now I want to grow even more. As I've been looking at what posts of mine have been gaining most of the traffic from month to month, I noticed that consistently it was my Friday Favorites - related posts. Nothing wrong with that! But I feel like you don't really get to see anything that's really about me in those posts. Other than the fact that I reeealllyyy love Pinterest #noshame.

My dream is to write more reader-engaged posts that you all can relate to. How am I going to do that, you ask? No idea. I'm just kidding (kind of). I'll keep doing the book reviews, showing off my crafting, and my failed attempts at cooking. But I also want to do step out of my comfort zone a little bit and to not have to rely on those types of posts. So we shall see how that will all go down. It's a long year; 365 days to be exact.

I'm also going to be interacting more! Guest posts, responding back to comments (I blame the lack of WiFi), commenting on others' posts, upping my Twitter game, oh my! All of that fun stuff that is really basic blogger rules. E-mail me if you would like to collaborate at all!

3. Create: Create my etsy shop || I think I'm actually going to take the plunge and open up my own shop. I've always loved crafting and creating new things for others. Why not share that with all of you??! I have some really great crafting ideas for the coming months. I don't know exactly when I'll be putting this dream of mine to a reality but I feel like this is a good year to do it. Now, whenever my mom jokes that I should've majored in Crafting in college instead of Communications I can actually said I did!

4. Save: budget money from a new income || Did you guys know that I'm starting my temporary job on Monday?? I'll be working full time for 9 months - which means 9 months of sweet sweet moo-lah. And instead of blowing it on Starbucks like I've been doing with my banquet serving money, I'm going to be putting a great deal of it aside. Once this job is finished I really want to have a good cushion of cash stowed away that I won't have to worry about being broke.

My plan is to save about 50% of my paycheck. Mostly it will be used for gas and giving rewards to myself for staying on track with my fitness goals. What do you think??

5. Be grateful || 2014 was a great year for Blake and I. And I have been eternally grateful and blessed for how our journey has progressed these past 6 months. I want to keep being grateful for another great year together as we grow as a married couple. Spending more time together, without being distracted by technology or other things, is exactly how I plan on doing that. I'm a simple gal. What can I say.

And that's all folks! You have my 5 goals/dreams for the lovely 2015. All attainable and realistic, too!

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  1. I love all of these goals!!!! :) I did a post about my goals for 2015 today as well! Tis the season? Hehehehe!!!

    And I can't wait to read when that ETSY SHOP is all up and running - you got a customer in me!