Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hello, all! It's Friday! I mean clearly you knew that because who doesn't look forward to the end of the week. Especially when (some) of us have Monday off because of good ol' MLK day. I'm not one of those lucky few unfortunately :(

Fitting for the new year(ish) don't you think?

 I am just absolutely in love with this sweater. I have a soft spot for coral and more specifically - layers.

 Look from the lovely Darcy at A Memory Of Us
 Are you seeing a trend here? Darcy does such a beautiful job with all of her outfits!

And this outfit is helping me day dream of warmer weathers and when I can wear skirts and sundresses again. Only 2 more months for Florida right??

Love Bug
 Doesn't your heart just melt when seeing this??? And melt again because it is just too stinkin' adorable? I'm saving this one for a much later and rainy day when I have my own littles.

 I'm being bit with the love bug bad and would love to decorate my kitchen table like this. You know, if I actually had a kitchen table.

I've seen canvases like this and I always think that it is super cute and actually looks relatively easy to assemble together. Could even double as all year decoration as well!

Of course I had to add a mantle for the upcoming holiday. I specifically love the two frames with the hanging wreath hearts. Might be my future wreath that I need to assemble this weekend.

Also, at Walmart today I was extremely disappointed in their Valentine's Day section. It is a month away people! I guess it's okay to bring Christmas decorations out in like October but not Valentine's Day decorations in January. #shakingmyhead #yesispelledthatout

Coffee Mugs
As a Disney lover, this mug needs to be in my cupboard (get it?? Because it's Chip and he lives in one??). Especially since I already have a Belle mug already.

 Anyone get the reference? I'm going to stick with the Disney thing for the next few funnies. This one might've made me laugh a little too hard and it's soo simple.

 I die every time I watch this movie because of that line! Disney lines are always so under-appreciated and you don't realize how funny they are until you watch them in your 20s.

 I have no comment on this. It speaks for itself.

Killing the Disney thing now. But really this is my face for almost anything and every thing. Even the people I work with laugh at how I react to certain things/people

Future Super Bowl appetizer?? I think so!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Too many amazing things in one post! I love that first quote and the first outfit, so lovely.

    That Chip coffee mug is precious and the littles project, well melt my heart. I definitely want to do that when I have a lil one old enough, too cute! IX-I-I, I say that with my family ALL the time, too funny!

    have a great day!

  2. The outfits you picks and all of the valentine's ideas are amazing! I love them all!
    Hope you have a great Friday and weekend, girl!

  3. Hahahaha Mulan is a great movie - I am such a Disney Geek!

    And the Frozen Funny - heheheheheheheheehehehe. I just can't.

    I love all the decoration and crafty things - I think my hubby might just disown me if I put red hearts all over the house - - And I really want to have a themed mantle for every holiday - I think we are going to have a stand off on this one. HEHEHEH!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Loving that DIY heart picture and those pepperoni rolls got me drooling over here!! Happy Friday!!

  5. I am sooo going to make that hands and heart sign! Its just too adorbs :)

  6. cute ideas- love the quote at the top :) and teal and red- loving it. xo