Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gathering Blue

Did anyone know that The Giver was a four book series??? I had no idea until I reread The Giver and got the next three books as suggestions.

Gathering Blue is book 2 of The Giver series and it has absolutely nothing to do with The Giver. This is not your average series. You've been forewarned.
Kira is the main character of Gathering Blue and she lost her mother to a disease.

While she was in the Field of Leaving for four days. The other women in her community took over her piece of land to build a gate for their tykes that can't be controlled. The women don't think Kira was a vital member of their community. She was born with a birth defect in her leg which didn't allow her to walk without help from a cane. And the 'leader' of the pack of women, Vandara, thought she should be 'taken care of.'

Their community has this legend of the Beasts that live in the forest and attack all of the humans. Kira lost her father to the Beasts on a hunting trip and now that she lost her mother, Vandara especially thought she should be released to the Beasts and fend for herself.

But when Kira was taken to see the Guardians to decide of she should live or die, the Guardians let Kira live and gave her a job of being the Threader. She will take care of the robe that is worn by the Singer who sings The Ruin Song every autumn. The robe tells the story of the community's history and needs to be repaired every year to be rich with colors.

Kira learned how to thread from her mother and will now have to learn even more knowledge from Anabella, who taught Kira's mother.

Throughout the book, Kira discovers the falsity of her community and what everything she's come to believe. She finds truth about old wise tales, how the Guardians relies on the young talent of their community and try to 'enhance' their talents, and more importantly, Kira discovers the truth of her father.

This was definitely a different type of book. It was set up in an older time period, for sure. But it was still a tight-knit community as that in The Giver. It's an interesting read. There we're plenty of spots throughout the book that I didn't really know where it was going or the point of certain details.

I still feel kind of indifferent about it. But I do remember even back in middle school how popular it was but I was never really drawn to it. It's definitely worth trying and seeing how the rest of the series goes as well!

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  1. I didn't know the Giver was a series, either.

  2. I had NO idea that The Giver was a series. I think I'd need to re-read The Giver again before I read this one because I only vaguely remember the gist of the book.

  3. I am curious about this book but it just struck me odd that it's completely different and yet still in the same series? Maybe it's because they all link up at the end? I'm very curious now I think I'll have to pick them all up!

  4. Okay maybe that's why I had no idea that The Giver was a series -- because the second book isn't even related to it that much. It sounds like an interesting read, buuuut I'm honestly not sure if I would pick it up. I kind of like The Giver as a stand alone book.